St Kilda’s statement on Jake Carlisle

Oh man. What a train wreck.

This is like literally the worst thing that could have happened.

How did Essendon not know this? Wait…do you think they did know?

It could just be a coincidence the story ran the night we traded for him.

Everyone said not to trade with them. We should have known after the Andrew Lovett thing.

And I just remembered we gave up pick 5 for this! Pick 5.

They played us like a damn fiddle.

So. Much. Regret.

I feel sick. Is the room spinning? Is it hot in here?

Maybe if I just lie down for a second.

Please go away now.

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  1. ByrneCammo

    TitusOReily it”s been confirmed he was snorting peptides…

  2. ChiefBighead

    TitusOReily still got two hours to on-trade him to Hawthorn for pick 48.

  3. colinlinkeBP

    TitusOReily “Oh Constanza you screwed me again. First Lovett now …”

  4. Penny Beitzel

    Get Melbourne on the phone and find out what they’re doing with Pick 93.

  5. Bonjour_Pippy

    TitusOReily The least thing Essendon could do is to refer Hird’s legal team to St.Kilda

  6. Billious

    St Kildare should have known when Essendon were playing hard ball that they were being set up for a screwing after all if anyone knows what being screwed is all about its  the Saints, they have been screwing themselves for years.

  7. Bonjour_Pippy

    TitusOReily Adds an extra dimension to Goddard’s movie, location Vegas. #Blockbuster

  8. Geoff Schaefer

    This will be a walk in the park for the Saint’s Scandal Unit. They’re the best in the business…

  9. Billious

    I am sick and tired of the same old garbage he’s young and young people make mistakes.  Sorry he’s old enough to know what $500k a year is and he’s been through the ringer the past few years at Essendon if any player from Essendon doesn’t realise by now the difference between right and wrong then they are sadly lacking in IQ.  My bet is he doesn’t know what IQ is and probably can’t spell it either.

    Sick of dumb footballers apologising for their stupidity generally always the same after being found out.  He has got one thing going for him though he didn’t blame the incident on someone else or a mad cow in NZ enticed him to do it.

    If the Saints don’t show some backbone it will put them back to the good old sainter days they have worked so hard to overcome.  This goose has to been shown the door and spend his salary on a couple of young kids who have not lost the plot.

  10. Mark Renton

    Was expecting so much more when I read the title of that

  11. Mark Hodgson

    Captain Nick will put him on the straight and narrow n bring on another flag

  12. Nichole Suhan

    Christopher McConnachy how about this one? 🙂

  13. MacHawk

    ChiefBighead TitusOReily Ha ha….  but I think the Hawks are now pretty satisfied with pick 48 and having made a mess of a couple of old enemies.

  14. Jason Mzungu

    Essendon fans immediately forget that WADA are still circling

  15. Mathew Rodda

    Maybe he bought the drugs from a school girl or a disgraced former player manager.

  16. JohnMoloney22

    TitusOReily you’d be laughing if it was another club

  17. Ian Swann

    Maybe when he meets with Reiwoldt they can strip off, compare lower appendages and get Zac Dawson to photograph the moment.

  18. Michael Lawrey

    Hawthorn goes around raping women and all i seem to hear about is Jake doing a line while on holidays. not saying Jake should get away with it im just incredibly annoyed that it came out hours after the contract was signed.

  19. Michael Lawrey

    stupid comment seeing as he set foot there for the first time today,

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