Reviewing every AFL Club’s Membership Campaign Slogan

Every year, some work experience kid in the marketing department has to come up with a marketing slogan for the club’s membership drive.

A line from a song is often used or sometimes something just bizarre. Strangely, despite most of them being innocuous, they can go spectacularly wrong, look at Essendon’s ‘Whatever it takes’ or Carlton’s ‘They know we’re coming.’

Let’s have a look at the 2016 crop and recommend some helpful alternatives.


Slogan: We Fly as One

Review: Hard to not like this one, especially after the classy way it was used following Phil Walsh’s passing last year, when even opposition supporters used it as a mark of respect. No pressure on the person coming up with next years’ one then.

Alternate slogan: Now containing 100% less Dangerfield


Slogan: Believe. Belong.

Review: Had this for a while now which suggests the marketing department just can’t come up with a new one because you wouldn’t keep this one by choice.

Alternate slogan: Come for the inflatable Lion, stay for the footy, or don’t


Slogan: Bound by Blue

Review: This one is perfect. It captures the trapped feeling a Carlton supporter must have all the time. Like organised religion, supporting Carlton is only something a person would do if they are constrained by family and community ties.

Alternate slogan: Trapped by Blue


Slogan: Side by Side

Review: Another old slogan that’s been around for a few years but let’s give Pies fans a chance to finish reading it before introducing a new one.

Alternate slogan: See year five of the coaching transition


Slogan: Don the Sash

Review: The Don the Sash part is not new and is actually pretty good. On their membership page they’ve got ‘Standing Firm?’ I like the question mark. They’re both aware you wouldn’t want to but it also reads a bit like a threat, “You’re not thinking of leaving us are you?”

As a sub heading they’ve got ‘We understand it’s not that simple’. This might be the most honest thing Essendon have said in a while.

Alternate slogan: Don the Sash, if legally allowed


Slogan: Forever Freo

Review: Not sure if this is a slogan or a sad realisation. I can only imagine how excited the marketing team were when they worked out a slogan containing two words starting with F.

Alternate slogan: Who wants the last slice of Pav?


Slogan: Greatness. Our Tradition. Our Ambition

Review: Is something only going back to 2007 a tradition? I was hoping it was more a passing fad. The ambition bit is true though, given they’ve got Patrick Dangerfield now and he’ll solve all their problems.

Alternate slogan: Highway to the Dangerfield

Gold Coast

Slogan: We are Gold Coast. We are your Suns

Review: The second bit is coming on a little strong. A bit like telling someone you’re their soul mate on a first date. Slow down Suns, at least buy us a drink, which I know you like.

Alternate slogan: Suns of God


Slogan: Expect big things

Review: In my experience, saying something like this is usually overcompensating. Trust me, this is a like me on a date. Talks a good game but can’t back it up, which is the Giants in a nutshell.

Alternate slogan: Please notice us Sydney


Slogan: Hawthorn. Always

Review: Just a depressing statement of reality really. I would have added a few swear words but this still works I guess.

Alternate slogan: Rinse, repeat


Slogan: My heart beats true

Review: It would have to be your heart because no person using their brain would fork over their hard earned based on the last decade. On the positive side, it may be a celebration that you haven’t had a heart attack watching the garbage served up under the Schwab years and the painful rebuilding the rebuild period.

Alternate slogan: See Jesse Hogan. Hurry, last shows

North Melbourne

Slogan: Shinboner Spirit. One & All

Review: Shinboner spirit is a classic but the ‘One & All’ should probably have a question mark after it to be accurate.

Alternate slogan: Watch Todd Goldstein carry a whole team

Port Adelaide

Slogan: We are Port Adelaide

Review: Another that’s been in use a few years. Useful for their fans to make sure they don’t accidentally barrack for the wrong team.

“Who are we again?”

“It’s written on your membership.”

“So you’re not going to be helpful then?”

Alternate slogan: Now with added Jimmy Toumpas


Slogan: Strong & Bold

Review: Needs a disclaimer saying ‘offer does not apply in September’.

Alternate slogan: Secure your final tickets

St Kilda

Slogan: Be St Kilda

Review: Were was the marketing team when they came up with this? Not in the room obviously and not at that charity cricket match the whole team snubbed either. This may be the worst of the lot.

Considering they are actually based in Seaford but are moving to Moorabbin means even the club can’t ‘Be St Kilda’.

Alternate slogan: Help fund our poor home base choices


Slogan: Welcome to the Spectacular

Review: It’s flashy with little substance so it’s perfect for the Harbour City.

Alternate slogan: You don’t have to go to ANZ Stadium anymore

West Coast

Slogan: The West is United

Review: This is really trolling given the Dockers play in the same stadium as them. The only thing Western Australia is united over is their dislike of the east coast and mining taxes.

Alternate slogan: We’re flying high but now in a good way

Western Bulldogs

Slogan: Be more Bulldog

Review: I’m not sure if being more of something that hasn’t won a premiership since 1954 is what you want. I suppose ‘Be more like Hawthorn’ would be odd though.

Alternate slogan: Still Liam Jones free

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  1. Phill Tee

    The Geelong review is 100% true which makes it funnier.

  2. Ryan Burles

    Ross Pawson Maxum Onya-Tiger Chubb the best thing I’ve read today

  3. ntkingo_1989

    TitusOReily Melbourne: ‘Jesse who? If it’s working for the Crows, it just might work for us’

  4. RossT17

    TitusOReily “We Are Port Adelaide” is for the people that keep calling us Port Power.

  5. Danny Palmer

    Doggies. Good Jamie Barnes Jacob Smith JC Collie

  6. Henry Renwick

    Some light reading that will make your day Tom Scott

  7. AJ Johnston

    And we ain’t going away any time soon Titus U0001f609 #HawthornAlways

  8. Jacob Smith

    Highway to the dangerfield and who wants the last slice of Pav were personal favorites. Good showing from Titus.

  9. Jarred Schafer

    Mitch Westhead the roos & Eagles alternative ones are pretty spot on

  10. Thanasi Samaras

    The best Titus yet! Michael Zoumaras Stavro Zacharia Costa Morias Kris Krotiris Adrian Macolino Daniel Kouts

  11. AlexWard64

    TitusOReily – swans should be “pissing off Collingwood since like forever!”U0001f609

  12. Robyn Hay

    I would rather draw my last breath than “Be More Like Hawthorn”!! lol #bemorebulldog

  13. Robyn Hay

    I would rather draw my last breath than “Be More Like Hawthorn”!! lol #bemorebulldog

  14. Sam Ross

    Greg Judy Ross I think you’re to blame for this #boundbyblue

  15. Jason Murrihy

    That’s OK – not everyone can embrace success.

  16. Tom Cairns

    Those alternate slogans are great U0001f602U0001f602

  17. George Trumble

    Now containing 100% less Dangerfield
    Travis John

  18. Mike Robbins

    brilliant! love carlton Craig Hawkes…’Slogan: Bound by Blue
    Review: This one is perfect. It captures the trapped feeling a Carlton supporter must have all the time. Like organised religion, supporting Carlton is only something a person would do if they are constrained by family and community ties.’

  19. Robyn Hay

    That’s exactly right Jason – for a life-long Bulldog supporter, it just would feel very strange (but I reckon I could easily become accustomed to it!!)

  20. Nick Branković

    Secure your final tickets Hahahaha Ben Jenkins

  21. Debbie Martin

    The Richmond one is my favourite, not valid in September. Lol.

  22. Penny Beitzel

    Hopefully you’ll find out Robyn, what a party that will be.

  23. Robyn Hay

    Thank-you Penny, all I will say is they had better jolly well hurry up – I ‘aint getting any younger!! lol

  24. Toby Evans

    Duncan Lyons… Have a read of this when you get the chance U0001f602

  25. debmar27

    TitusOReily One of the many things I love about the footy season is reading your material. Loved this. Thank you!

  26. Harrison Rennick

    I was expecting it tho, titus supports melbourne

  27. Tom Stanfield

    Expecting the fact that hogan will be gone next season ?

  28. Harrison Rennick

    Yeah, every melbourne supporter is thinking it, plus we wont be able to pay him enough

  29. MattRobertsonMe

    The ‘we are’ and ‘be more’ is just pure laziness.

  30. Christopher Poole

    Tim Cognito read west coasts alternate slogan

  31. Tom Gubbins

    Darren McCall Harrison Talarico Josh Cahill read port Adelaides

  32. Theo Tastanellis

    Trifona Terrence Kostantakis read the port section lol

  33. NathanCherry_Au

    ‘Standing Firm?’ is this not a reference to the Melanotan II side effects?

  34. Josh Cahill

    Toump starting to fire up judging by the weekend, surely a lock in for port bnf this year, Brownlow 2017

  35. Max Stevens

    Jono Parker Jacob Crossman Mackinley Mitchell Liam Wright Titus is in good form

  36. Jimmy McCaffrey

    Oscar Mason Zach Schloeffel
    We should definitely adopt the alternate

  37. Ajay Asthana

    Meredith….St Kilda?
    Paul and Peter…are we really carried by Goldy?

  38. Meredith Young

    It’s actually “How I want to be”. And I like it. No claims about winning or anything. Just this is us, take it or leave it

  39. sheppo

    Forever Freo is not a sad realisation. Considering the monumental hurdles Freo have had to overcome in it’s short history, and the fact AFL stands for Anti Fremantle League, everyone of our 44,000 members are extremely proud to be FOREVER FREO. :p

  40. Josh O'Reilly

    I love doggies. Still liams jones free
    And the saints. Should be hawthorn haha

  41. Zach Schloeffel

    And just as great, Carlton are stuck with him

  42. Jimmy Purcell

    I thought the saints slogan was ‘how i want to be’

  43. Aaron Spence

    Aaron Currie Rhiannon Lewis Hannah Lewis Western Bulldogs alternative is spot on!

  44. Peter King

    We’d be a little less likely to succeed without him so maybe?

  45. Meredith Young

    Why don’t you value my opinion on the Goldy matter Ajay?

  46. Ajay Asthana

    I asked for subject matter expert opinions Mez U0001f609

  47. Meredith Young

    So the fact that I watch the same North Melbourne games as you, free from the bias that comes with being a supporter is unimportant? U0001f609

  48. Craig Hawkes

    Hot I’ll be glad when this summer is over, still running my little gig but might have a new job very soon and you guys all good moving to acres ?

  49. Ivan Rutherford

    Craig Hawkes all good my friend , not the time to move yet, but yes bit of property nice, stay well mate , go WCE , ?

  50. Phill Tee

    Robyn Hay You can give us Luke Beveridge back and also Matt Suckling 🙂 lol

  51. Steve Burke

    Brett New Aaron Warner very good read….. I’m still going

  52. Cath Wallace

    OMG THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING EVER READ IT!!! Ryan Maxwell Trent Barri Lachlan Cameron Ben Van Zeyl David Wallace Steve Bice

  53. Pooja Khushalani

    Be more bulldog cause be more like hawthorn would be Awks

  54. Ajay Asthana

    We North supporters do a lot of additional internet research Mez….but yes you are one of us U0001f61bU0001f61bU0001f61b

  55. Lachlan Cameron

    Matt Johnston the bulldog one U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  56. Meredith Young

    Ajay, I find it hard to believe that Peter and Paul are researching football on the internet but whatever you reckon!

  57. michaeljsmiddy

    TitusOReily Gold. “Who wants the last slice of Pav?”!

  58. JB_1050

    TitusOReily personally love #foreverfreo & yes #thewestisnotunited LOL

  59. katieoh9

    TitusOReily I’d have thought the Suns would have gone with something like “Just trying to keep Gary fit”

  60. Sam Chandler

    Very good indeed.
    Alistair George
    Nathan Attard
    Patrick DellAglio
    Carla Marturano

  61. Patrick DellAglio

    Alot of thought went into Port Adelaide’s slogan.
    I like the Bulldogs alternate slogan

  62. happyhanging

    TitusOReily This should be compulsory reading! Set the high bar pretty early in the season, fella. Thanks.

  63. Jason Palazzolo

    Ahahahah ‘flying high, but now in a good way’

  64. Luke Hunyadi

    Hilarious. Aden Tutton Tony Scott Matt Jones Matt Richter Michael Humphries Andrew Roy Earl Sam Boehm Stuart Maycock

  65. Anthony Nankervis

    Colin Tim… file these in your ‘inspiration’ folder. My faves are Sydney, and West Coast… Although ‘Be more Hawthorn’ is great too!

  66. Paul Jacobs

    Lol. I’ve been doing my supercoach. Can tell you that my team will struggle without Goldy! Great player but I think we have sufficient back up. Daw can hold his own in ruck

  67. Ally Apeldoorn

    Hey at least they picked us for the image 😉

  68. Guy Harris

    My favourite was “who wants the last slice of Pav?”

  69. Cath Wallace

    It makes fun of all the teams not just the Blues. Loosen up U0001f623

  70. Tony Caccaviello

    Good article talking about the important things Joshua G Anderson

  71. Seagull31327

    TitusOReily love your work. Just fyi wedt coasts slogan was actually #thewestisours which makes it even worse i know

  72. Olivia Dalton

    i also like Fred’s last serve of Pav U0001f602

  73. Amanda Price

    The creepy Suns. U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  74. Olivia Dalton

    they are weird that bunch, half the team is in the church and the other half are in the pub. The sun is always greener on the other side?

  75. Billious

    You have to be joking  Daws holding his own without Goldie ,  trouble with Daws he spends more time holding is own on the bench than on the ground.

  76. Billious

    Titus is still the best in the business when it comes to footy humour.  If only the AFL Commission and executive had the same sense of humour and creativity our great game could do anything.

  77. Arky

    Hindsight is a cruel mistress, vis a vis the Be More Bulldog joke. And also vis a vis Richmond even having one final to play. Other than that, it held up pretty well!

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