Stephen Dank ‘totally’ going to sue someone

Following the AFL anti-doping tribunal decision to ban him for life, Stephen Dank says he is ‘totally going to sue someone.’

While he’s threatened it before, Mr Dank said this time it was ‘straight up legit’.

“I’m going to get right on this. No messing about this time, I’m even going to call a lawyer.”

Mr Dank said he was really keen to sue the AFL and some guy that wrote something on back in December 2014.

“I’m coming after you Gillon and Bluesfan23. Right after I do another round of media interviews.”

“I’m also not thrilled with a few of the reader comments left on the Herald Sun, that’s not a forum for negativity.”

Legal experts say Mr Dank might want to get ‘a bit of a move on’.

“He’s in danger of the statute of limitations running out at this rate,” said Ben Kingsley, a prominent Melbourne lawyer.

“It almost seems like he just says these things without any intention to actually do them.”

Mr Dank says it’s important he clears his name and lifts the lifetime ban.

“I’m sure lots of AFL clubs will hire me if this life ban wasn’t in place.”

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  1. Joanne Everett

    Hope his bank balance matches James. Cost-a-lot! Lawyers make more.

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