For sale: Bandwagon, used sparingly

The Richmond Football Club is seeking expressions of interests for the club’s bandwagon.

The bandwagon is in excellent condition and has recently been serviced, after tens of thousands of people got off it in a hurry.

Richmond CEO Brendon Gale said the bandwagon had been used ‘off and on’ over the years but never for any long period of time.

“It has mainly been used by a bunch of fans for a couple of rounds each year then in storage from the first weekend of September,” said Mr Gale.

“Short usage and then a lot of time just sitting in the garage gathering dust.”

The bandwagon would be perfect for a young up-and-coming club who has drafted well and appointed Luke Beveridge as coach.

The bandwagon features:

  • Multiple microwaves
  • Shatterproof glass
  • A waterproof interior
  • Decades of broken hopes and dreams
  • Several copies of Terry Wallace’s 5-year plan
  • A framed Kevin Bartlett poster
  • Matthew Richardson
  • Multiple exits with emergency slides
  • Lots of sawdust on the floor

“It’s sad letting this go,” said Mr Gale, “we’d had it recently done up, as we expected to get a lot of use out of it this year.”

“Now that we obviously won’t be needing it we could frankly use the cash to pay out an employee we accidentally extended recently.”

Interested clubs should send their best offer scrawled on the back of a napkin to ‘Brendon Gale, Richmond Football Club, Punt Road.’

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This post originally appeared in Inside Football.


  1. BrotherAmos

    TitusOReily it’s used around 4 weeks each year.

  2. mickytbomb

    TitusOReily gutsy article to write before Sunday night, Titus. Good luck.

  3. Clayton Taboni

    Actually Used extensively but only for short trips

  4. Clayton Taboni

    Actually Used extensively but only for short trips

  5. Corey Wickert

    They’ll try and buy it back in February when the merry go round starts again

  6. Corey Wickert

    They’ll try and buy it back in February when the merry go round starts again

  7. Lucy Henningham

    Nikki Henningham Robert Henningham this is hilarious and so true!!!

  8. Lucy Henningham

    Nikki Henningham Robert Henningham this is hilarious and so true!!!

  9. jazmech

    TitusOReily brilliant Titus, you are like a good wine!

  10. jazmech

    TitusOReily brilliant Titus, you are like a good wine!

  11. jonnymiles50

    TitusOReily funny how people like your comments about other teams but as soon as it is their own. ……

  12. Paul Murphy

    I think the Deeee’s have stolen it. When does snow season start?

  13. Ritchie Gardner

    Scotty Millardship Bradley James Jayden Perez

  14. Borissimo

    Not so jonnymiles50 – Titus is spot on with my club too, particularly the supporters. 
    Re Tigers bandwagon – Cash Converters is an option.

  15. David Wood

    this bloke just keeps producing solid gold… well done titus

  16. sjmcman

    TitusOReily needs re-springing from too many jumping on/off repeatedly.

  17. TitusOReily

    jonnymiles50 Always been the way. I get ‘you’re usually funny but…’

  18. jshster

    TitusOReily probably not quite the same quality as the Tigers wagon but I suspect you could write a similar ad for the Pies bandwagon!

  19. Trent_912

    mickytbomb TitusOReily nothing beats the intensity of the Melbourne Richmond rivalry…

  20. Clarkey_73

    TitusOReily i notice there’s no “buy back” clause in there for use by the vendor in August and late Feb…

  21. Robert Henningham

    Omg this is too goodU0001f602
    And so accurate.

  22. Brett Kennedy

    Interested Nick Blachut? Would still keep your ute for the big jobs, the bandwagon can’t take much pressure.

  23. Geoff Schaefer

    I’m a Crow’s supporter so may be interested. Does it come with those four Richmond horses which were supposed to be used in round one? If so, I’ll pass.

  24. snell_martin

    TitusOReily can’t be used after daylight saving finishes and stinks of chicken hearts.

  25. raineoo5

    TitusOReily This tweet has ruined my whole day U0001f62d

  26. Danny Palmer

    Jack McHale JC Collie Jacob Smith Mitch Ryan Jamie Barnes Daniel Jnes Luke Docherty crisp

  27. Real_Spiderpig

    TitusOReily good fiscal decision by Tigers to get ahead of the curve. Market for bandwagons soon to be flooded

  28. Real_Spiderpig

    TitusOReily good fiscal decision by Tigers to get ahead of the curve. Market for bandwagons soon to be flooded

  29. Luke James Hodgson

    Port have had that wagon for years Titus where have you been??

  30. John Dawson

    Hardwick thinks tactics are a new brand of breath mint.

  31. Joey Doolan

    Adam Brown I don’t think you can fix us this time

  32. Paul Stockdale

    Clint Brooker, I know you’re not a bandwagon member but you could probably do with a laugh

  33. Matthew Blashki

    Euan McDonald-Madden I might buy it for the Dees if we get up this weekend

  34. Gerard Marquis

    Titus O’Reily don;t you just cut and paste this each year?

  35. Adam Brown

    Haha. That’s gold. Time to restore before March next year

  36. dazzb65

    TitusOReily You have out done yourself there Titus. Gold U0001f601

  37. Michael Robertson

    Chloe Mitchell I hear Hawthorn may need a spare one!

  38. Matthew Poole

    Justin and Steve. If you could deliver the bandwagon to Arden Street I think Darren, Ben and Simon will take if off your hands.

  39. John Barbagiannis

    The last thing you can say about Richmond fans is that they are bandwagon fans. There are no more loyal fans in the AFL

  40. Brett Kennedy

    I thought this was made up like how Richmond were going to use actual horses for Round 1 pre-game entertainment, but they did ahead with selecting a few ponies for the actual match

  41. Grant Haye

    Why would you post this Titus? When you know we (the Dee’s) have them this week? And we haven’t won 2 in a row since 2011!!!! #youarekillingmesmalls

  42. Peter Bendeich

    Collingwood will have theirs for sale come Monday night too

  43. worbsy88

    TitusOReily This had me giggling out loud at my desk – and I don’t like to admit that I giggle. Top work!!

  44. Craig Byron

    Cam Rogers – don’t know how Andreas Nicolaou can say Titus isn’t funny?

  45. Craig Byron

    Cam Rogers you have to, his Pies stuff is good as well.

  46. Cam Rogers

    Have to try and get some joy out of the pain richmond is causing me haha

  47. Nick Potter

    Drew Tingwell not that you’ve been a band wagoner

  48. Craig Byron

    Cam Rogers – yep I laughed at some of Collingwood’s kicking skills on Sunday – no comedian required

  49. Penny Beitzel

    The Hawks are extending their fleet of first class bandwagons and would be delighted to make an offer.

  50. Fiona Michelle Stuckings

    Nothing says band wagoners like adding 30k+ members in 4 years

  51. David McDonald

    Fiona Michelle Stuckings um what? Our membership has grown at pace with the other big clubs.

  52. Darren Sing

    Guess who wants to play in Tassie …. The saints bandwagon …. Sorry no room on the TT Line for you blokes #grantthomashatesplayingintasmania

  53. RhombusHatesYou

    TitusOReily jonnymiles50 The fools! Laughing at your own team is one of the few things that’ll get you through the bad seasons.

  54. RhombusHatesYou

    TitusOReily I picked one up out front of Adelaide Oval in ’14… Planned to refurb it but couldn’t get rid of the stink of wasted potential

  55. Matthew Poole

    I guess the saints are looking for a easy win in Hobart.

  56. ZacSmith

    Willing to buy, looking to repaint something like this in red and blue

  57. Paul Cos

    You’re a bandwagoner. You’ve deserted your pathetic club in their ultimate time of need.

  58. Clint Brooker

    Hahahaha…Fken bandwagoners! I reckon our membership would drop by 40,000 if we lost them…oh wait, that’s still more than almost every other club anyway. Carry on. U0001f60f

  59. Paul Stockdale

    God help the league if you blokes ever learn how to play!!!

  60. Scott Rich

    Matthew Rich Chris Haywood You’ll get a laugh out of this lol

  61. Jamie Jones

    Can’t help myself Kent Hughes Shane Leaman Jason Ellis Dane Salter

  62. Anthony D'Alessandro

    Sammy Mouhamed loooool… Rami Elalawe Ahmed El-achkar El-achkar

  63. ozpostguru

    Tits orally is funny as a boot full of dead babies

  64. Christian Aldrich

    We are def highly critical of our team … I guess just so used to being let down.

  65. raineoo5

    TitusOReily Umm…you can stop now Titus, thanks U0001f629

  66. ashmoore69

    TitusOReily Richmond supporters are the most feral in the AFL.
    Didn’t one fan spit on Danny Frawley?

  67. DeeMenks

    TitusOReily Whispers that Melbourne are heavily interested, first time owners.

  68. DaleV34

    DeeMenks TitusOReily ours just doesn’t go very fast. Rarely comes out of the garage.

  69. Speakola_

    TitusOReily how did the speech go, Titus? Any interest in Speakola release?

  70. Penny Beitzel

    The bandwagon has been traded for a Delorean so they can travel back to the future ……… any decade now.

  71. Sportcritique

    TitusOReily if you can assure me it is in good condition and hasn’t been jumped on, then might have a buyer #doggies

  72. Ash Collins

    Nicholas Hodgins Damien McLean takes me back to the days of letting the tigers fans know which gate the bandwagon was leaving from

  73. Guennadi Telemzouguer

    Daniel McMahon…without a word of a lie…I LOVE Richmond. Endless source of entertainment

  74. Christiane Pennefather

    Scott Fuller – I was told you would enjoy this U0001f4a9

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