Possible AFL conferences

It was revealed recently that St Kilda, back in 2013, suggested the AFL be divided into three ‘NFL style conferences’ to ‘help kill tanking debate and grow supporter interest’.

While it’s one of the worst ideas ever, let’s look at what conferences make the most sense anyway.

Ongoing train wreck conference


Gold Coast

The conference Eastern States media forgot

West Coast


Victorian clubs everyone hates conference





Kind of sad Victorian teams conference


St Kilda

Western Bulldogs


The Eddie McGuire conference


Riverina conference

Greater Western Sydney

Chardonnay and Goon bag conference


Port Adelaide

Teams coached by the Scott Brothers conference

North Melbourne


Tasmanian conference

Just kidding

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  1. Michael Tower

    Just what us Brisbane fans need to see. Even more substandard footy games…

  2. Ryan Hicks

    It’s a great idea, especially with the idea that my Tigers can finish top four in something, especially one with such even competition as the “sad victorian teams” conference

  3. Stej Bosnjak

    We could have a conference based in Victoria called the ‘VFL’, a conference based in South Australia called the ‘SANFL’, and a conference based in Western Australia called the ‘WAFL’.

  4. Josh Mackenzie

    Tasmania conference ‘Just kidding’ U0001f602

  5. Josh Mackenzie

    How would Richmond manage to finish 9th if they were part of a separate conference??

  6. Richard Sheldon

    And North East Australia could be…. Say…. Ummm. NEAFL.

  7. AndrewStace

    Nah, man, other three have much more short and long term upside as things stand 😉

  8. Gary Bruce

    great idea. So every enjoys the satisfying feeling of playing conference finals at season’s end before finding out their true standing in the league during the playoffs.

    It’ll be nice for the Scott brothers to able to hangout all the time again like when they were in Brisbane

  9. Ev Fenton

    Sad Victorian Conference
    1.St Kilda
    2.Western Bulldogs
    4.St Kilda Reserves
    5.Melbourne Reserves
    6.Western Bulldogs Reserves
    7.Western Bulldogs Women

  10. Shaun Hausler

    Lachlan Graetz haha the Port and Crows one U0001f602

  11. Maha Connor

    Showdown every weekend! Think of the doughnut consumption

  12. Will Horman

    Having said that, I don’t like the idea of having to play North every week

  13. Mitchell E Roberts

    As a Hawks supporter, I like the teams we play.

  14. Leigh Nielsen

    BJ Bunyip this is something you’d come up with

  15. Leigh Nielsen

    Sydney straight through to the finals as per usual

  16. Ian Wilsone

    Not fair! The flat track bullies would be at home every weekend ✝

  17. Snert Underpant

    Very good Titus. Funny as a Kardashian with a library card.

  18. johndjames

    I don’t mind the idea of conferences,I thought we should have done it once we had eighteen teams,although I would have only two conferences,of nine each.I follow the NHL you know ice hockey,the Stanley Cup is on at the moment,they have conferences and it works fine.

  19. Ben Preece

    I had to stop for 5 minutes at port adelaide to get some sun block from the shop. When I got back my car was pregnant.

  20. John O'Connell

    Love the reference to ‘goon bags’. Let’s see how long it takes the PC push to start bellyaching.

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