Opposition fans urge Collingwood to keep Buckley

Opposition fans are applauding the work Nathan Buckley is doing and are urging Collingwood to further extend his contract.

A petition on Change.org calls for the Collingwood board to ‘appoint Nathan Buckley coach until the end of time’.

It states ‘As non-Collingwood supporters, we couldn’t be happier with the Buckley era and believe it should last forever. Their steady decline has bought so much happiness and joy to us all and it is in the best interests of humanity for it to continue on, like a never ending, slow moving train wreck’.

The petition already has nine million signatures and a concert to raise awareness at the MCG sold out in two minutes.

North Melbourne fan Simon Cummins said he thought Buckley had the Pies ‘heading in the right direction’ and needed more time to see it through.

“Things are going so well; I just can’t wait to see what happens next. I mean a wooden spoon in the next few years is almost a certainty. He has to be allowed to finish the job.”

Carlton member Judy McWillams said while she was disappointed the whole exercise had set her club back years, due to the unfortunate ‘Malthouse calamity’, it was almost worth it.

“It’s not so bad almost destroying yourself if you destroy your greatest enemy in the process. I believe that’s what the movie The Revenant was about, although I haven’t seen it.”

“Collingwood made this bed, my hope is they now lay in it forever.”

However, Magpie fan Rocky Marinous said the petition was ‘the work of the devil’ and he hoped ‘this nightmare would end soon’.

“We were playing finals and winning Premierships before this all happened. I was happy, life was good. Now I cry myself to sleep every single night.”

“Every opposition supporter wants Buckley to stay. Surely that’s a concerning sign.”

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  1. Nicky Pearce

    & get cloakey back from the magoo’s Rad Damjanovic

  2. Mike Dunstan

    Russell Green it seems to be a common theme 🙂

  3. Jean-Paul Stannus

    As a Pies fan, it’s hard to tell if this is actually satire or a real story Titus. Too close to the truth!

  4. Farno Laszczuk

    FIGJAM why I will never experience a premiership?…. Actually I have lot of respect for NB…..He’s grown, and he’s obviously not an idiot. He’s a smart and passionate guy. But yeah, I will be happy if he never gets one. Call it footy bias, if you will…

  5. Russell Green

    Buckley could coach the Pies to 3 flags and people would still hate him.

  6. Christopher James Ryan

    Brian Grenfell Andy Challman Matt Lyon Ashly Baikaloff on par with Hirdy

  7. Michael Burdelof

    I love how he said he was leaving Brisbane for Collingwood because he wanted to win a flag. How is that working out for you Bucks? Could have had 3 at Brisbane!

  8. Grant Haye

    One of the all time bone head plays.. I hear his manager was the same guy who told the beetles they were crap

  9. Daniel Best

    Buckley. Initially went to Brisbane, but left. Promised North Melbourne he’d play for them, went back on his word, went to Collingwood because he wanted premiership success. Turned Port Adelaide and the Adelaide Crows down.
    In he time that he played at Collingwood the following happened:
    Brisbane – three flags.
    North Melbourne – two flags.
    Adelaide – two flags.
    Port Adelaide – one flag.
    Collingwood – zero.
    Worked out well for Buckley, didn’t it?

  10. Christopher W-Dorn

    The most surprising part of that article was managing to find the North Melbourne supporter.

  11. Jarrod Clarke

    Where do we sign up Stuart Clark Paul Welbourn Craig Horn NathanMichelle Ryan Vaughan?

  12. Matt Landy

    I guess he really has moulded the team in own self image!

  13. Michael Haydn

    and won a Norm Smith medal in 2002 only because they selected the winner at 3/4 time. Voss was clearly robbed.

  14. Andrew D'Souza

    Graeme Davy Sean Harrison. Eddie should sack himself also.

  15. Joseph Spiteri

    Went back on his word was going to play for nth Melbourne after Brisbane wanted to play in a premiership team went to wobbles haaàaaaaaaaaaaa love it well played buckley no success

  16. Donald Young

    Try reading his book that explains why he ended up at Collingwood

  17. Snert Underpant

    I never believed I could ever get to the stage of feeling sorry for Collingwood. I was right.

  18. Mathew Mills

    But remember it took just three years for Collingwood to win a flag after he retired.

  19. Edmund Fothringham-Smythe

    Eddie must stay committed. Buckley has the capacity to take them much lower still.

  20. Tony Voorhaar

    Not only bucks but selection committee as well..

  21. David Barker

    He could of had three mate but the flog chose the pies. Not the sharpest tool in the shed eh. Bwahahahaha

  22. Maxine Grubel

    Pretty sure his statement when turning down the crows was that he wanted to play for a team that would win premiershiPs. ha ha ha ha SUCKED IN

  23. InHyeok Park

    Made the finals only 5 times (except 94 which he didn’t play and Pies got knocked out quickly) and won only 6 times in Final games LOL

  24. Graeme Davy

    It’s dire Jeffrey
    Some of the decisions and set ups make you wonder

  25. Ian Wilton

    2017….Travis Cloke to be Buckley’s assistant and forward line coach. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better.

  26. Stej Bosnjak

    Judy McWilliams speaks for all Carlton supporters. A pyrrhic victory worth having

  27. Robyn Hay

    Nevertheless, he was a good player, I would not have minded if he had come to our Club,(not that he would have done anyway!) not sure of his Coaching ability though, but then again, not particularly impressed with the quality of the team itself.

  28. JosephShizbags

    Try reading Mien Kampf that explains how Adolf ended up at Bergenhausen

  29. JosephShizbags

    I think that’s the point Russell.  Buckley couldn’t coach Collingwood to 3 flags.

  30. Phil Packer

    Steve Nusser nic Nic Conway Brenden Sparke
    sign him for life

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