NBL does several good things in a row

The NBL has surprised the Australian sporting community by doing several good things in a row for the first time since 1996.

Recently, the NBL announced a five-year broadcast deal with Fox Sports and a free-to-air partnership with Channel Nine.

NBL Executive Director Larry Kestelman said the aim was to ‘not shoot ourselves in the foot every five minutes’.

“It took a leap of faith by many to not run the competition like it was a fifth grade mixed netball squad that played on Wednesday nights.”

“The TV deals are great, as people will actually be able to see the NBL for the first time since before the internet was a thing.

“They’d be people approaching their twenties who have probably never seen an NBL game on TV.”

In other positive news, the Brisbane Bullets will re-join the NBL for the 2016/2017 season, a new logo that looks like it was designed this century has been launched and they’ve also signed some actual sponsors

Sports business consult Max Simon said the NBL was in serious danger of becoming ‘semi-professional’ at this rate.

“Who knew that underneath the chaos and self harm there was a decent basketball competition hiding there?”

“Still, there’s a lot of work until the NBL is back to being the fifth most popular competition in Australia.”

Long term NBL fan Diane Lineki said she was happy the league was getting it’s act together but there were some disadvantages.

“I had to wait in line for almost a minute to buy a water the other night. It was chaos.”

Mr Kestelman said the league’s next goal was to not have heaps of teams go bankrupt.

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  1. lenphil29

    TitusOReily ; undoes it all the second dwayne russell’s voice appears

  2. Kyri_1

    TitusOReily u forgot to mention Dwayne Russel is commentating…

  3. Thomas Green

    Good to see some crowds, but is it too much to ask for a Wollongong victory? Haha

  4. Duane Harrison

    I cannot support Melbourne Tige…I mean, United. That’s like a Collingwood supporter following Carlton just because they changed their name!
    Bring back SE Melbourne Magic (or even better the Spectres!)

  5. Matthew Pope

    That rude prick. 5th grade mixed netball wednesday night comp is extremely well run and not like the dogs breakfast that has been the “N”BL for the past decade…

  6. Dave Lloyd

    Some clubs have even reported selling memberships. Numbers are yet to be confirmed, but many of the clubs are forecasting a rise into double figures for the first time in years.

  7. Andre Ugrinic

    First time they’ve done several good things in a row since 1996. Hahaha this is why the NBL is a joke

  8. Bryce Heaton

    ‘Goal is to not have several teams go bankrupt’ ded

  9. Andre Ugrinic

    If the players could make a lay up and shoot above 25% for the game maybe there would be more of a following

  10. Shane Daniel

    For the first time in a long time I’m half thinking of going to a United game!

  11. Bryce Heaton

    It will be good to watch bullets and have froffies at Southbank though

  12. Gary Bruce

    I’m waiting for the return of the Giants. Fisher for coach

  13. Ryan La Roche

    In Western Australia, people still watch the NBL

  14. Damien Browne

    Did dwayne Russell commentating get considered for this list? Cos that ensures I don’t watch.

  15. owenlpeacock

    TitusOReily Brilliant…and very true. The NBL season launch has been surprisingly good.

  16. Tony Venn

    Mat Adams. Dwayne Russell must be the channel 9 special comments guy U0001f606U0001f606, still commentating like its the footy season!

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