Mick Malthouse reflects on a career in coaching

There is absolutely no doubt that coaching 715 games changes a man.

When I was starting out in this business, I was often easy to anger and short with people I didn’t respect.

Over the years, I’ve become more patient, like an ox or similar bovine creature.

Now, I’m more willing to listen to others and respect their views.

Except for Eddie. You never forgive a man who forces you to coach Carlton.

There is arguably no more noble profession than teaching young men to kick a football to each other.

Maybe being a surgeon is close.

It’s not easy either.

For every Chris Judd, there’s that kid I sacked last year for taking pictures on his portable telephone.

If you ask me, technology benefits no one.

There’s also dealing with the media on a regular basis, which is like having to go to detention every day after school.

It’s boring, you have better things you could be doing and you’re surrounded by a bunch of people with low IQs and behavioural issues.

Except unlike detention they get to ask you stupid questions until you just wish the ground would open up and swallow Mark Stevens.

Looking back at my career, it’s not the countless players I’ve helped or the millions of people I’ve inspired that I think about.

It’s the fact a lesser man would have been broken by this, instead of becoming the greatest coach of all time.

It’s very humbling and you’re welcome.


Mick Malthouse

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  1. Sang

    Well done Mr Malthouse. Perhaps has a record-breaking gift, Mark Stevens will have ‘technical issues’ with his microphone this evening. If we had a free-to-air alternative to Channel 7 coverage, we would flock to it.

  2. Nigel

    Amazing how one man’s anger can give so much entertainment to so many. Let’s hope he gets the St. Kilda job next. Cheers.

  3. Alexander Reincke

    Ryan Reincke Titus you funny man. “A similar bovine creature”

  4. benjamin perkins

    All I know is, if Mick aint happy, neither am I.

  5. Harry Huggins

    Some of it sounds like Mick but this is a stitch up .

  6. Harry Huggins

    Josh Bootsma is a complete dill. Capt of Peel this year and still no commitment !

  7. Gary Stevanov

    Yes…its a piss take H 😉
    The famous “ox” got a mention…haha

  8. Michael McGeary

    715? the bar might be set to high for mark Neeld then ..shattered!

  9. Pete Van Dam

    Credit where credit is due. Aussie rules icon,once all allegiances are swept aside.

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