Man can’t remember why he’s booing Adam Goodes anymore

Shop fitter Dennis Celios says he can no longer remember why he boos Adam Goodes.

“I’m sure there was a really good reason originally, totally not a racist one. Maybe staging for free kicks or something? The Australian of the Year stuff?”

“I sort of do it now because everyone else does.

“I’m not going to stop just because left wingers say it’s racist when truth is, I do it for reasons I can’t really remember or articulate.”

Celios’ co-worker Ian Heaton says he believes not everyone boos Goodes for racist reasons but Dennis ‘probably does.’

“Dennis is pretty racist but it’s an unfocused racism that is really a lack of thoughtfulness about the structural problems race creates in society.”

“His booing of Goodes is probably more reflective of a man who is dealing with his own insecurities and the fact life has not really worked out for him.

“Dennis would have spent all of ten seconds thinking deeply about Adam Goodes or the issues he raises.”

Close friend Brad Tomlinson defended Celios’ booing, citing he once booed Joel Selwood too.

“I was there the day he booed Joel Selwood, so how could his booing of Goodes be racist?”

“Although, just quietly, Dennis does hate a lot of people. He’s actually not a very nice person.”

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This post originally appeared in Inside Football.


  1. Paul Booth

    Adam Goodes is the type of guy that if he went to a game, he’d probably boo people too.

  2. Gerard Marquis

    Give it up mate, the popularity tide is turning bad the other way, Titus is just explaining it.

  3. Paul Booth

    It’s been turned into a much bigger issue than it actually is

  4. Craig Williams

    I boo him because I don’t like sooks. I also boo myself because I spend my spare time sooking about Adam Goodes. I fear I will soon be deaf from the constant booing.

  5. Gerard Marquis

    45,000 booing one aboriginal man – not sure it can get bigger than this in this day and age.

  6. Paul Booth

    Geez you can’t tell you used to work for the media. “45,000” “aboriginal man”. C’mon Gerard…

  7. Gerard Marquis

    Just the facts and I have never been a journalist or made an editorial decision, so that is nearly as long a bow. Seriously, have you read Gerard Whateley’s comment on the matter? Basically says that if you aren’t doing it because of race then stop booing so we can call the racists out. Not a good look whichever teams’ supporters are doing it.

  8. Paul Booth

    45000 people were not booing so that wasn’t a fact. I can’t wait for this to die down, I’m sick of hearing about it.

  9. Gerard Marquis

    Won’t die down mate – sorry, public opinion is turning, the media hacks are all over it. Welcome to the issue of the week!

  10. Joanne Everett

    Goodes has the goods. Wonder athlete and community person. Maybe we as Assies should adopt the WAR DANCE like Kiwis Haka! What a good sight it would be if all Aussie Internationals did the dance.

  11. Roi Apostolopoulos

    I boo him b/c he stages 4 free kicks , slide tackled players until he was told it was dangerous & is a sook.

  12. Darcy Cordell

    Will McFarlaneMatt BlakeSmokéy HewitsonBen Wilson

  13. TreadleyRider

    TitusOReily pjhelliar he’s a waste of space. A nothing. A fake – A fraud.

  14. TreadleyRider

    TitusOReily pjhelliar if he did not rort his heritage or was white, would he have the same accolades? I don’t think so.

  15. Pat Barclay

    You’re an idiot. The guy is a two time Brownlow and premiership winner. And you boo him for his football credentials?

  16. Andrew Power

    I vote they instigate a “No loud noises at the footy” rule. Bit like tennis. So much as one overly loud “Whooo”, and you’re out.

  17. JenniCairney

    TitusOReily GrandSyndicates maybe because he cries all time about racism but it’s ok for him to verbally abuse a 13 year old

  18. boodski213

    TitusOReily because the media makes it too easy…..

  19. Mick Williams

    Too many formulaic satirical articles these days but this one is a gem

  20. mjmcgeary94

    TitusOReily hawthorn are experts at dishing out hate and not copping it back

  21. misanthropicfcuk

    JenniCairney TitusOReily GrandSyndicates Stop exaggerating! He didn’t abuse her, he pointed her out to security for calling him an ape. She acted a fool and was pulled up for it.

  22. Billious

    The public voted 80% that the booing is not racist based.  The football community including media, players, officials and the AFL seems to be 98% convinced it is racist based and have closed ranks supporting Adam because of the vial racist attacks by a bigotted football public minority.  The burning question I have is why is it that the public is being accused by the football community as being of sheep mentality and herding together.

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