Jarryd Hayne explains why he’s leaving the NFL

As you will by now be aware, I have decided to leave the NFL to pursue my dream of playing for Fiji in the Olympics.

It’s a dream of mine that goes all the way back to when the San Francisco 49ers told me I wouldn’t be making the squad this year.

I remember sitting in that meeting thinking, what’s next?

The answer of course was obvious, Rugby Sevens.

Who hasn’t whiled away the hours dreaming of scoring the winning try for their country in the Sevens at the Olympics? There must be at least a dozen people out there who have done that.

Rugby Sevens at the Olympics is the pinnacle of world sport.

Just to have a chance to follow in the footsteps of the world’s greatest athletes like Waisale Tikoisolomoni Serevi, Ben Gollings or Uale Mai Vala gives me goosebumps.

Plus, most importantly, I’ve always wanted to visit Rio and to party at the athletes’ village so this is a ‘kill two birds with one stone’ type thing.

It’s going to be a lot of fun, although I’m not sure I am looking forward to all the media scrutiny that comes with Rugby Sevens.

The NFL was intense but this is the big time.

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  1. Corey Wickert

    No wonder so much bad stuff is happening in the world. Hayne found God,and the big man is just swamped helping Jarryd work out what to do with his life

  2. DaveHornsby3

    TitusOReily probably because he couldnt work for someone named after a snack.

  3. ClintMasters_

    TitusOReily Australia’s greatest ever NFL RB. It’s a shame his adoring American fans will not get to give him a proper game day send off.

  4. Woody1st

    Probably Australia’s best ever NRL, NFL, Olympic Fiji Sevens player.

  5. PantherPeni

    jono_nelse06 AussieFaithful IamAdamJowett TitusOReily That statement isn’t from Hayne, bro

  6. prlloyd63

    TitusOReily I knew the truth would eventually come out, and this time, without the need of a royal Commission

  7. Peter Bendeich

    Rumour is he’s going to play AFL next year for Brisbane. His skills fit perfectly, fumbling the ball, poor decision making and terrible disposal.

  8. Michael Charlton

    He’s making a new condiment called hayenaise ☺

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