Fremantle fan desperately hoping team is tanking

Fremantle Dockers fan Barry Kowalczyk said he was ‘hoping and praying’ that his team is actually tanking this season.

“Every time a Dockers official comes out and refutes claims we’re tanking, my heart sinks a little. If we’re not tanking what are we doing?”

“If they’re not actively trying to lose, then this is a pretty spectacular train wreck. I mean, it’s pretty much June and we haven’t won a single game of footy. It means NRL teams have had as many wins in the AFL as the Dockers.”

Mr Kowalczyk said claims by Ross Lyon that the team ‘didn’t need to tank’ had him especially worried.

“I know we’ve got a lot of injuries but this is a bit beyond that. If Ross is right and we don’t even need to tank, that means we’re just a really awful footy side.”

“We need to know. The fans have a right to know if we’re truly awful or if the tank is on.”

Barry said he hoped Lyon could let him know by tapping ‘We are tanking’ in Morse code during the next post-match interview or by using the word ‘pineapple’ seven times.

“Just give us something, I can’t stand the idea we may actually lose to Essendon and it won’t be on purpose.”

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  1. Bonjour_Pippy

    TitusOReily At least Ross wasn’t borrowing Leon Cameron’s notes, or else all hell would’ve broken out.

  2. Corey Wickert

    This weekends game will be tough to watch. One team is absolutely hopeless and a laughing stock of the competition. The other team is Essendon.

  3. JB_1050

    TitusOReily even by your standard that’s a little lame Titus U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  4. James Ingram

    Thomas Horton, I see you got interviewed for this article

  5. RayCapo79

    TitusOReily you didnt have to change my name in you report Titus…

  6. Cam_Dynamite

    TitusOReily struggled to find a long term replacement for Col Sylvia

  7. Jamiel Recheta

    They’ll beat Essendon next week just to try and look like they aren’t, then they’ll go back to their regular flagless habits.

  8. Jamiel Recheta

    May have just won the internet for the day U0001f44dU0001f3fd

  9. bully_75


  10. DaveHornsby3

    TitusOReily if we lose to Wooshas Dads Army i really will believe it.

  11. Beaver Gray

    Scott Greg add this to your list of funnies about this year

  12. Jason Wilson

    A meaningless win this weekend would be detrimental to our long-term Tanking plans

  13. Adam Scott

    At least Essendon will chalk up another win this week

  14. Colin Rowston

    Brad Kitto I wanted to tag a Freo supporter in this and you were the only one I could think of haha

  15. Snert Underpant

    Maybe Ross is hoping to get sacked so he can pursue his lifelong dream of coaching the Fijian rugby sevens team?

  16. Edmund Fothringham-Smythe

    Well done Rosko. In just ten games you have managed to restore Freo’s “laughing stock of the competition” tag.

  17. Hugo Von Winterhalter

    How appropriate that the Docker’s logo is an object designed to lower itself to the bottom.

  18. Tim Petersen

    Freo going to extraordinary lengths to get McCarthy for nothing in the pre season draft

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