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The Variety Hour: Comm Games, Razor Ray and Warner

Titus and Sergio discuss the upcoming Commonwealth Games, David Warner's media conference and wrap up round two in the AFL.


3 Apr 2018

The Variety Hour: Ball tampering nonsense

Titus, Sergio and Danny discuss the Australian Cricket team imploding in heartbreaking fashion, round one in the AFL and the AFLW Grand...

26 Mar 2018

The Variety Hour: Round one, AFLW Grand Final and Rabada

Titus and Francis Leach discuss Rabada being let off, Katie Brennan's suspension and preview the AFLW Grand Finals and Round One of the AFL....

22 Mar 2018

The Variety Hour: Songs, basketball and broken nets

Titus and Sergio are joined by Comedian, The Front Bar and host of the Junktime AFL podcast writer Adam Rozenbachs to discuss...

19 Mar 2018

The Variety Hour: Norm Smith

Titus sits down with author Ben Collins to discuss legendary Melbourne player and coach Norm Smith. Ben has an updated and revised...

14 Mar 2018

The Variety Hour: Jack Watts, safe smoke and guns

Titus and Sergio discuss Jack Watts kicking six goals, Australia losing in the cricket, the FFA wanting to give fans safe smoke and why...

13 Mar 2018

The Variety Hour: Crazy AFL ideas day

Titus, Francis and Danny discuss the AFL throwing out a bunch of crazy ideas, Toby Greene signing a six-year deal and David Warner's...

8 Mar 2018

The Variety Hour: Hird, WWE and Taxes

Titus and Sergio discuss James Hird's possible return to football, the WWE possibly appearing at the WWE and ask, should the AFL and NRL...

5 Mar 2018

The Variety Hour: Bannergate, Gategate and power failures

Titus, Danny and Francis discuss the opening day of the first test against South Africa, Chris Judd being turned away from Princes Park...

2 Mar 2018

The Variety Hour: Mick Fanning, Ablett and lawn bowls

Titus and Sergio discuss the Mick Fanning's retirement, a new TV deal for the AFLW, the revamp of the Davis Cup and what drugs to take...

1 Mar 2018