Apr 30, 2019


The Variety Hour: The Return


Titus and Serge reveal the reason behind their long absence. 


Brenton Rohrlach

Apr 30, 2019

What will Bruce do if you and Serge are able to complete your rebuild before the Channel 7 commentary team rebuild?

Also how long do footy fans have to put up with the Channel 7 commentary team rebuild?


Apr 30, 2019

Could have been worse Serg, you could have been the subject of a hospital photo opp with one or both of our leadership aspirants.
If there was one event where sustained booing would have been more than appropriate look no further than last nights 'leaders' debate.
Welcome back guys, my pre-game build up just gets better and better.

Michael Studman

May 01, 2019

What do you guys think of Anthony Green's proposal to adopt the Heat Map visual to track progress of each of the parties' campaign bus up to May 18?

In true AFL form Tasmania will be excluded from the visualisation.