Carlton: Let’s all pretend we’re keeping Mick

The Carlton Football Club have requested the media and football fans to just go along with the idea Mick Malthouse has the full support of the club until after the season.

“We all know what’s going on here. You know it and I know it,” said Carlton President Mark LoGiudice.

“But it’s a headache I really don’t need at the moment, so can we all just pretend it’s fine? I’d really appreciate it.”

Carlton CEO Steven Trigg said he fully supported the pretending to support Malthouse.

“Our strategy for the season is a bit like a strategy for getting through a family Christmas, don’t talk about much and drink a lot.”

“This Mick stuff is just a distraction from few secret deals I’ve got going. You’re not recording this right?”

Carlton fans have had mixed reactions to the whole ‘let’s pretend everything’s OK’ policy.

Long time member Janet Gelson said it would be difficult when Mick kept bring the topic up.

“He’s the one that keeps talking about how he should stay the coach.”

“He got his manager to come out in support of him. What else is his manager going to say?

“You know what he should do? Win some games. Then no one would talk about who should coach us. He’d just be the guy wining all the games.”

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  1. Jarred Wheatley

    Carlton the gift that keeps on giving to the crows 🙂

  2. Geoff Schaefer

    There’s only three things certain in life. Death, taxes and Mr Grumpy’s contract finishing this year…

  3. John

    Well mick needs to get his fingers out of his ass and start working harder, I bet if it was collingwood he be different !

  4. Daniel Fornarino

    Alice Kelly Chris Marulli Alex Barilaro Tom Speakman

  5. curious

    Mick had some poor years and some very good years at Collingwood. And rebuilt the side twice, with 2 grand finals in his last 2 seasons.
    So he is an excellent candidate to rebuild Carlton.
    He inherited a side that was never good enough for a GF, and he is rebuilding it. If Carlton want to maximise their chances they should steady the ship and let him get on it. And recognise just how long it is going to take. Of course this is Carlton we are talking about …..

  6. Phil Woodhouse

    This bloke stuffed up Adelaide and now is doing it to Carlton how do these people remain in AFL Ah jobs for boys Carlton wake up and I am a Bomber supporter.

  7. Jeremy Narelle Greene

    0-3 3years in a row good pick that im glad we didnt get the shittest coach of alltime imagine where we be thenU0001f632

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