Carlton given every Friday night game in 2016

In a move that has surprised the entire footballing world, including Carlton, the AFL has granted the Blues every single Friday night game in 2016.

The decision comes after the Blues were given seven Friday Night games this year and proceed to lose all of them and by large margins.

“We at the AFL believe footy fans want more Carlton and that’s exactly what we’re going to give them,” said AFL General Manager Broadcasting, Scheduling and Major Projects Simon Lethlean.

“My clear understanding is the fans are not that interested in close games, they just want to see players like Lachie Henderson and Liam Jones go around.”

Footy fans have labelled the decision ‘crazy’ and ‘the worst thing to have ever happened since time began’.

“Seriously? I used to enjoy football on a Friday night, the end of the week, the chance to not talk to my family,” said Joyce Richardson of Berwick.

“Now I’ve got these clowns on every Friday? Well I won’t watch it and I’m a Carlton supporter.”

Carlton President Mark LoGiudice said he welcomed the exposure and looked forward to footy fans seeing almost the whole first half of each Carlton game next year.

“To be honest, even we’ve got no idea why the AFL have done this but we had no idea why they gave us so many this season.”

“Anyway, I’d like to thank the chair of the AFL Commission Mike Fitzpatrick, a former Premiership captain of our club by coincidence, for all the support.”

A spokesperson for Channel Seven in response to the news said ‘to be honest we probably won’t show it’ and ‘this is why we don’t invest in HD’.

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This post originally appeared in Inside Football.


  1. Phill Tee

    what wasn’t revealed was that broadcasters will show the game on a 3 hour delay

  2. Luke Stash Parker

    Blake Gramsbergen Nathan JohnJacob McchrystalRhys Gramsbergen

  3. Joseph Brancatisano

    Marcus Scuotto you guys thoroughly deserve it bro

  4. Blake Gramsbergen

    This may be a piss take but I’m sure they will do something like this next year #Equalisation

  5. Patrick Skeer

    Todd Boulden Alan Hall Paul Cranwell U0001f602U0001f602

  6. JosephCarrozzi

    TitusOReily carlton’s games on Friday night start at 10.30pm / prime slot

  7. Darcy Carroll

    Hahahah ‘to be honest we probably won’t show it’

  8. Snert Underpant

    Excellent news. Now I get to watch White Magic Cleaning Solutions without feeling I’ve missed a good footy game.

  9. Geoff Schaefer

    This is going to rip the guts out of Lygon Street pizza sales on Friday nights…

  10. Ben Dascal

    Haha! The last line about not showing it is the best. Or at least give it at MA rating!

  11. Daniel Cohen

    Further update. Both Blues vs Demons fixtures declared a Bye giving the teams much needed 8 points, and re-runs of Home and Away means a ratings boost for channel 7.

  12. Jane Arnott

    Luckily I’ve downloaded every episode of Little House on the Prairie.

  13. Bonjour_Pippy

    TitusOReily When you’re on a good thing stick to it #AFL fixture

  14. Malcolm Makkinga

    Friday Night Football is the key to getting good sponsors. But in Carlton’s case the more exposure they have, the more sponsors they’ll lose.

  15. Yale Climo

    Justin J P Plant Christian Vizzini Tania Awad Susan Climo

  16. Daniel Webb

    Well clearly joice isn’t a true Carlton fan. I’m all for it be good to watch my team every Friday night…….

  17. Jacob Hopley

    Haha its embarrassing when Carlton play Friday night mate

  18. Chris Dorn

    I thought the article was a lie when it claimed that it was a surprise to football supporters.

  19. NickBrooks37

    TitusOReily wintman CarltonFC internal trial every Friday night?

  20. stuartbutler77

    The only way this news could be better is if Ch7 broadcast these games in HD.

  21. 73simmo

    TitusOReily hopefully rotating Melb, Ess, & Bris #moneymakers

  22. p_annie_14

    TitusOReily hahaha “the whole first half …” So true

  23. JT_goddly89

    TitusOReily it truly is a remarkable feat of humanity that you’re able to function after the Dees game #LegendEffort

  24. phil0stine

    TitusOReily: Pluses > Gives all clubs a win and massive % boost.
    Get to go to bed early Friday night so can then enjoy a full weekend.

  25. PaulCar52668764

    TitusOReily would be great for the retail industry

  26. MyTeamStorm

    kfisme TitusOReily
    Good on you Kate for sticking up for your team.

  27. kfisme

    Whaaaa Irena its not easy this year. But we’ll come right… MyTeamStorm TitusOReily

  28. MyTeamStorm

    kfisme TitusOReily
    Of course they will.
    Teams go through good and bad times.
    Carlton need supporters like you who stick fat.

  29. kfisme

    Theres heaps of us passionate fans out there but people are sooo discouraged U0001f61f MyTeamStorm TitusOReily

  30. MyTeamStorm

    kfisme TitusOReily
    Its hard when a team is losing, many drop off & the criticism starts.
    At least Carlton has a great following

  31. The Original Buzz

    Awesome, my Fridays are now locked in for the Footy season next year.  Be good to see more of the Blues.  Top 8 in 2017 and GF in 2018.  Stay Tuned for that…….

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