Bulldogs fans: sgkjerinvinriwnvnelkrnvevev!!!!

Western Bulldogs fans this morning are continuing to celebrate their club’s first premiership since 1954.

In euphoric scenes, the faithful drank, sang, cried and hugged through the night.

“Good…So good, then Bont and Bob, BOB!” said passionate supporter Judith Welsh, 87, while downing a longneck.

“Proud of them. When they got that ball on the wings, then the …you know? Bevo.”

Member of 40 years Norman McKenzie, in response to the question ‘how happy are you’ gave a forty-minute answer about how all things in the universe were somehow connected to yesterday’s win before passing out with a smile on his face.

Cheersquad member Alice Dobson said she was the drunkest she’d ever been but hadn’t touch any alcohol yet.

“I think it’s the happiness. My body’s not sure how to handle it in these quantities. I’m like the teenager who tries alcohol for the first time.”

“It really happened right? This isn’t just a dream? Wow, sometimes life’s pretty good.”

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  1. Philip

    This club is one of the clubs which have only survived on money that has been taken from other clubs and other competitions. The sixty one years is based on a competition (VFL) which would not have survived without money form WA and QLD (West Coast and Brisbane license fees). The AFL is now 26 years old (named so in 1990) so Bulldogs have now won their first AFL premiership.

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