Archeologists discover forgotten ‘incorrect disposal’ rule

Archaeologists from the University of Melbourne have discovered a long forgotten Australian football rule known as ‘incorrect disposal’ while excavating a site in suburban Melbourne.

“It’s an extraordinary find,” said the team leader Dr Erin Fitzgerald.

“We’d heard rumours of such a rule existing but its exact wording was lost to us.”

The rule, written in an ancient text that is months, if not years old states:

When the football is in play, a Free Kick shall be awarded against a Player who hands the football to another Player or throws the football.

Former AFL umpire Ray McMartin said there had always been apocryphal stories about umpires paying free kicks for breaches of the rule in the distant past.

“I’ve never seen it paid myself but old Jack Thompson said he once saw it paid against University.”

“I always had my doubts though, I mean if this was a rule they’d be paying it every few minutes in the modern game.”

AFL umpires chief Wayne Campbell said the rule was technically still on the books but the league had no plans of enforcing it.

“We’re not that interested in old rules unless it’s tinkering with them.”

“The league is focused on introducing silly new rules that make umpires’ jobs harder and confuse fans.”

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  1. Brendan McMahon

    Steve Gosden we have been talking about this for years

  2. Ben Neumann

    Throwing and incorrect disposal are two different rules. Incorrect disposal requires prior opportunity, a throw doesnt. It’s not that hard to understand….

  3. Ryno Neil

    Objectively you just ask “how did he get rid of it?”.
    This “knocked out in the tackle” is BS There is no reward for the tackler

  4. Mitchell Powell

    Agreed. Happens all the bloody time from local footy to AFL

  5. Jean-Paul Stannus

    When excavating this site… BEWARE the curse of Demetriou!!! BEWARE!!!!!

  6. Joe Bland

    Finally someone is talking about this… Everyone is complaining about congestion and stoppages I reckon if they started paying this when they should there would be less stoppages and it would be more free flowing

  7. Joel Cuming

    Strongly disagree, the player who gets the ball should be the number one priority. If that player has had prior opportunity (this is the key) then yes, they should dispose of it correctly. But if they just pick the ball up, get tackled straight sway and the ball is knocked out then it is play on (which is what the rule states by the way).

  8. Jordan Scardetta

    gotta have prior opportunity to dispose of it, because the alternative is a bunch of dudes too afraid to grab the footy, have it knocked out of their hands and get a free against for incorrect disposal. Difference between knocked out in the tackle and a throw.

  9. Joel Cuming

    Sadly, most of the football public and media/commentators do not understand this.

  10. Ryno Neil

    Yeah I agree. Don’t want blokes holding back or the other option is knock or soccer on. I think if it’s an instant tackle fair enough, otherwise “knocked out in the tackle” is incorrect disposal.

  11. Jordan Scardetta

    yeah agree, prior opportunity is key. If we can get that right it’ll go a long way.

  12. Nick Burgess

    While they’re at it, see if they can find ‘kicking in danger’ also. Hasn’t been seen in a decade now, dangerously close to extinction.

  13. Bruce Bell

    Mate it shits me to tears every bloody game I watch – dispose of the bloody ball

  14. Bruce Bell

    u should see what they are doing at Junior level mate – we will have a whole generation of kids that can’t defend as all the modified rules designed to promote ‘skills’ allow the ball carrier to do as he pleases!

  15. Rick Healy

    I know went 2 watch a mate who coaches juniors last year….he no coach this year….can’t stand it

  16. Billious

    If they keep digging they might uncover Demetrio’s sense of fairness and humour.  Rumour is they disappeared around the same time.

  17. Joel Cuming

    The problem is that it’s rare these days that players do have prior opportunity because there is so much congestion around the packs.

  18. Christopher James Ryan

    Remember when the look away over the head handball was a throw. See that not get paid every week too

  19. Peter Moore

    Kyle Halbert Rebecca Williams this is what I was talking about sunday! Haha

  20. glamjunkie77

    TitusOReily pity the picture you used was a trip or “legged”

  21. Tom Emery

    Quentin Mitchell, exactly what we were saying the other night.

  22. Tom Emery

    Blokes can clean drop the ball in a tackle now and not get pinged.

  23. Joanne Everett

    Laugh! We (the fans) once did! Now nobody has a clue!

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