Alastair Clarkson is called in to explain himself

Following the emergence of footage showing a clash with a Port Adelaide fan, Alastair Clarkson is called in to explain himself.

Hawthorn President Andrew Newbold: Clarko, come in, have a seat.

CEO Stuart Fox: Tough night last night Alastair, in lots of ways.

Alastair Clarkson: Is this about that Port Adelaide idiot?

Newbold: It’s more about you grabbing his throat.

Fox: Actually, it’s more about there being a video of that.

Clarkson: The guy was in my face! You know me. I’m not the type to lose my temper.

Newbold: Except at junior footy umpires.

Fox: Walls.

Newbold: Gillon McLachlan.

Fox: Media.

Clarkson: Nothing since last night though.

Newbold: The thing is Clarko, you can’t just physically lash out at a Port supporter every time they annoy you.

Fox: Can you imagine? The world would be chaos. It’s all anybody would be doing.

Clarkson: Neither of you have ever had one in your face like that. You don’t know how irritating Power supporters can be.

Newbold: Are you kidding? I sat in equalisation meetings with David Koch for hours. It took all my willpower.

Clarkson: That’s a fair point actually. If you can get through that, perhaps I should have just kept walking.

Fox: All we’re asking is that the next time you want to strangle someone whose being a goose, check for cameras.

Newbold: Now, about not playing the first half last night…

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  1. Greg Barfoot

    Clarke should get the Brownlow votes for last nights game. He did what most of us has wanted to do to some of those port Adelaide flog supporters

  2. Brad Robertson

    Was it a power supporter ?? Just a pissed idiot.

  3. Nigel

    As a Hawks supporter I find this hilarious. So many times he has let the team down as the opposition get a jump on us. Flood the backline and kill the tempo or punch a wall…..lmao

    1. Jesse

      I haven’t heard that line since 2012. In any event 3 flags should have convinced you by now he can coach?

      1. geo

        With the list he had. He should ve had 3 premierships. & when he was sick & wasn’t couchinq The team was still winning without him. He is a bit of a wanker hitting fans, & saying power fans are annoying as an excuse is weak as he is. He was nothing before doing his coaching apprenticeship at port Adelaide. He should grow up the spoilt little boy, & be a man. & I hope he is charged with assault for his actions. Hawthorne is greater than that, Clarkson is not Hawthorne

        1. Mick_EFC

          You can’t be serious? The drunken bogan got less than what was coming to him and I say that as a Hawk hating Bomber supporter!

          If he was actually charged you’d give every feral lout out there a license to act more idiotic than they already do.

        2. bennyJ

          you think you know what your talking about, taking the high road…and then you go and spell Hawthorn with an ‘e’
          for shame !

        3. Mace

          He actually DOES have 3 premierships, Geo you tool! There is no right-minded person who could possibly think that Clarkson wasn’t provoked by that low-life.

        4. The Original Buzz

          You might want to have a look at his record in the SANFL as well.

  4. Brian Simpson

    As I’ve said before, Alastair Clarkson AKA, the Poisoned Dwarf, has a very punchable face.

  5. Mark Ritter

    Greg Barfoot i take offence to your comment i respect Clarkson and the Hawthorn fc and what Clarkson did towards our 2004 premerirship you are the flog Greg

  6. Mark Ritter

    well Greg Barfootevery club has idiot supporters clearly you are the swans one do not judge port supporters by the actions of one idiot

  7. Adam Gruer

    I agree with Mark Ritter here Greg Barfoot. Judge Port by the idiot actions of all their supporters. #onlyfair

  8. Katerina Lagoudakis

    The supporter shouldn’t have started it.

  9. Brendan Gloyn

    I just love this guys funny stuff it adds some humor to the game

  10. Chris Carrter

    Katerina is a animal when she has had a few drinks. You made the tele though!

  11. Mark Galliford

    And the moron gets his 15 minutes of fame….. Not required to explain anything. The only thing Clarkson should be asked to explain is why the guy was still able to walk away.

  12. John Goodwin

    Look at your ugly president before you talk about punchability

  13. Brian Simpson

    Well, Greg, you have your own problems……and sour grapes via the Freo game.

  14. ja

    Oh you’re right. He’s a Victorian, premiership winning coach. He can do whatever he wants. Even if he wants to push around some guy that is just talking to him. There is no real evidence this guy was a Port supporter, there are plenty of people in SA that barrack for teams other than Power and Crows. He was hanging around the HFC hotel and asked Clarkson for a photo, what Port supporter would want that? For all we know this guy could be a Hawk supporter and got a bit upset when the coach of his club told him to knick off. Apparently it was midnight, so I would like to question – Was Clarkson half tanked as well? So then it could have been two drunken idiots having an altercation in the street. ‘Spose we’ll never know because the HFC and AFL have already got all hands on deck lifting that carpet and Clarkson’s gone to pick up a big broom from Bunnings.

  15. Joanne Everett

    Where is the so called FAN! What a rissole he is! Clarkson should have rights too!

  16. Furzey

    Clarko belting a drunken port fan in the neck is like Free Willy flying over those rocks to freedom – a universal feel-good moment to be savoured by (nearly) everyone. Every time life gets you down, it’s nice to know you have this little gem of a video to pick you up. Bless you Clarko – keep punching.

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