AFL Father-Son rule bolstered by compulsory breeding program

The AFL says clubs will now be mandated to breed their former players to acquire father-son picks.

The compulsory breeding program is believed to be the first of it’s kind although the Soviet Union is suspected of once having similar programs.

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan said the new initiative would ensure that attracting the next generation of players would not rely solely on attracting kids to the sport.

“No longer will we have to waste money attracting new footballers, we can pour that money into genetics and training these kids from birth.”

“This will also provide jobs for footballers after their careers have finished and a fun job too.”

The AFL says northern teams will be able to use genetic experimentation to make up for the lack of father-son picks.

“I’d just encourage clubs like GWS to just really experiment. Get some of that dinosaur DNA like in Jurassic World. Maybe clone Jeremy Cameron,” said McLachlan.

However, not everyone has welcomed the idea with AFLPA CEO Paul Marsh saying the policy could lead to trouble.

“Look how badly teams like Melbourne and Carlton run things. Now we want them to breed people?”

“It just seems certain to end badly. I’d also question if there’s enough models and reality TV stars to support such a program.”

Mr Marsh did say the AFLPA would consider supporting the idea if they got a financial cut of the action or the promise of future jobs at the AFL at some point.

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This post originally appeared in Inside Football.


  1. Pamela Ford

    Geelong already way ahead – 23 father-son prospects so far 😉

  2. davemonkey

    TitusOReily good to know that in a few games melbournefc can put Jack Watts out to stud.

  3. Mark Jenkins

    It didn’t hurt Yao Ming’s career and as the old saying goes, ‘A billion Chinese can’t be Wong!,

  4. Stej Bosnjak

    And that’s not even including the illegitimate ones

  5. Billious

    I thought that The Fuhrer retired as the AFL CEO last year and programmes like this would never get off the drawing board.

  6. Billious

    No good putting Jack Watts out to stud he has no idea what to do the moment he gets in a green pasture area.

  7. Johnno31

    One problem is that the likes of Dimitriou and McLachlan may start their own breeding program for AFL administrators. And further to your suggestion re GWS cloning like Jurassic Park, they could try some of Cloive’s dinosaur DNA from Coolum.

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