A-League fans will destroy us all

Let me be very clear up front, it is not possible to overplay the threat A-League fans present to not only Australia but the entire world.

While our politicians foolishly focus on perceived security threats such as ISIS and the escalating tensions between Russia and Turkey, A-League fans are lighting flares across our great nation with gay abandon.

The recent release of a list of 198 fans banned from A-League games, shows Australia is being overrun by soccer hooligans, intent on destroying our way of life and plunging us into a post-apocalyptic world that makes The Walking Dead look like a paradise of heart breaking beauty.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, Melbourne Victory fans and Western Sydney Wanderers fans staged mass walkouts from their matches last weekend as a protest against a lack of an appeal process for banned fans.

It led to both games suddenly having the attendance and atmosphere of a GWS Giants’ game.

As a Melbourne Football Club supporter, I would usually support anyone’s right to walk out of a game but these A-League fans are not like AFL fans, they’re all dangerous. Every single one.

They have no right to justice. When Alan Jones likened them to terrorist all I could think is, ‘Alan, does that go far enough?’

It’s typical of Alan, always trying to calm the situation and adopt a nuanced position but frankly this isn’t the time.

This stuff never happens in other sports. Name one incidence of bad crowd behaviour at a cricket One Day International.

OK, fair point, name five of them then.

Wow, so quick with the response but a lot of those incidences involved white guys.

As for other codes, NRL fans have never caused a disturbance and I am completely unaware of any instance of an AFL fan recently being sent to prison for eight months for punching a woman in the face, just as a hypothetical example.

To me the answer is simple. We need to ban soccer in Australia and deport anyone who likes it.

Except for Tim Cahill, he’s a true Aussie hero.

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  1. Robert McKenna

    One of the more balanced articles on the topic.

  2. cavershamAFC

    TitusOReily I’m much more afraid of sharing the same roads as Rebecca Wilson during the upcoming festive period U0001f37aU0001f37a

  3. FN343

    TitusOReily tgywyw86 send all this sokkah loving fans back to their own country …. Oh wait they are!!

  4. Cameron Payne

    Yeah I’m going off soccer this year
    Nfl is more my thing ha

  5. Chanz Crowley

    Titus right on the money – Luke, Karen & Ryan

  6. Matt Fenwick

    Stephen Black, something satirical to get you through lunch. He is worth a follow for aus sporting satire

  7. Matt Schofield

    It’s not that hard, just send the ffa a letter and they’ll ban me without any evidence and then tell me if I can prove I’m not guilty I can get off. What a world.

  8. SSouthy_SFC

    TitusOReily I am part of ISIS Insane Supporters of Independent Sydney

  9. Joel Urban

    Always good to support Alan if you want to further your own career

  10. Matt Schofield

    Where do I get this evidence? It’s hard to make a defence if you don’t even know what you’ve done. Etihad stadium sure won’t hand over any video footage.

  11. Matthew Blashki

    Euan McDonald-Madden, raises some great points

  12. Liam Harkin

    Can’t help ya there. I’ve never been in a situation where I’d be worried about getting banned from a sport

  13. Liam Harkin

    This has gone well off topic for me stirring you about bosnich

  14. Wsw87

    @TitusOReily how can you say that all their fans are dangerous can you prove that??? How about i pull a 6 or 7 year old kid from the crowd and take him or her up to you so i can really see how dangerous they are, you and the other dud journalists have nothing constructive to write about because you have no stories at all so you think that treating all soccer fans like grubs and thugs because of a minority is a good head line. Let me just remind you that there are over 100000 members of the a league in Australia and there are only 198 banned that most likely a fair few are not even guilty but can’t appeal it because of people like you, grow a brain and talk or write about something that you are actually knowledgeable about because this is not a topic for you….

  15. pgoog59

    Wsw87  Wow mate – I was sympathetic to the walk-out fans but now thanks to you I’m glad people who’ve had a total irony bypass have been panned from football matches around our irony loving nation.

  16. daryladair

    Wsw87 You have completely misunderstood the satire and irony in this article. Goodness me.

  17. DarylAdair

    DeanRosario Loved it. Satire like this is great defence. Shame that one respondent didn’t realise it was a joke. Still fuming, I think.

  18. Steven Frankie Lanfranca

    Kirk Billy Josh Craven Keegan have a read of this

  19. Matt Schofield

    I know, this argument would be taking place all over Australia with soccer fans vs non-soccer fans lol

  20. Liam Harkin

    Na I think non-soccer fans are on same page.
    Just the 10% who assume all you do is throw flares and assault each other

  21. Glenn_Anderson_

    SimonTOverall TitusOReily You do realise Satire SimonTOverall?

  22. Mr Wisdoms Whopper

    Wsw87 Do you have any idea what Titus is all about? Have you read any other postings?
    Very strange or is it a set up?

  23. Troy N

    Wsw87  It’s satire. Google satire and you may realise what Titus O’Reily has done. Let me know when you realised that he was backing up not putting down A-league supporters.

  24. Matt Schofield

    Just let the bad ones kill each other with violence and flares then they won’t have to worry about them U0001f44dU0001f3fb

  25. Liam Harkin

    Section them together. Worked with Israel and Palestine

  26. sheppo

    Make no mistake, Soccer Australia would like nothing more than to see Aussie rules relegated to the back streets of suburban Australia, and soccer be like it is in Europe in this country. Given half a chance, they would be telling mums that soccer is the sport of the future, and no one ever gets hurt playing soccer, well, they just pretend they do. Soccer can go back to Europe for all I care, we have the greatest game in the world, and we invented it.

  27. Richard Witbreuk

    bit of gold. doesn’t go far enough bar the game fro oceania

  28. Stej Bosnjak

    Add to that 198 the fans who received bans from Soccer Australia during the NSL days

  29. Andrew Smith

    The less dipshits congregating in public areas the better.

  30. Gunnadownunda

    TitusOReily Surely we should be punishing these thugs, not rewarding them by banning them from A League thugs.

  31. Gunnadownunda

    TitusOReily We should be punishing these thugs, not rewarding them by bans from A-League games.

  32. Wandererdude88

    TitusOReily wswnick is this even real? Wtf lol

  33. JorgeKni

    TitusOReily what about round ball makers? They should be prosecuted as drug dealers, what kind of person give a round ball to a kid?#tiasr

  34. Furzey78

    I prefer the good old days of the NSL. It was so much easier to vilify soccer fans when they had dirty terms like “Croatia”generously tagged to the team names. If the A League is serious about stamping out this nonsense they should just publicly print the massive death toll that flare-lighting has caused. It’s a huge number, right up there with Marijuana overdoses and drop-bear attacks. Worst than ISIS indeed…

  35. Furzey78

    Wsw87 You’re so right. Who the hell does this Titus guy think he is? You should read his atrocious attacks on the Carlton football club… Unforgivable! The quality of serious, non-comedic sports journalism has really dived (like a Sydney forward) in the last few years. If you have your pitchfork handy let’s form an angry mob and get those darn kids of our lawns once and for all.

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