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16 May 2016

Jarryd Hayne explains why he’s leaving the NFL

As you will by now be aware, I have decided to leave the NFL to pursue my dream of playing for Fiji in the Olympics.

6 January 2016

Jarryd Hayne eats sandwich

Former NRL star and NFL player Jarryd Hayne is believed to have consumed a sandwich today as part of a meal, most probably lunch.

19 August 2015

Every NRL player leaves for the NFL

In a move that has shocked and surprised the NRL hierarchy, every NRL player has headed of to the United State to try their hand at NFL.

9 September 2014

NFL: We are totally doing stuff about Ray Rice now

The NFL says the emergence of a video showing Baltimore Ravens star running back Ray Rice knocking his partner, Janay Palmer unconscious, means the