The Variety Hour: Hogan, clash jumpers and sadness | Titus O'Reily

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The Variety Hour: Hogan, clash jumpers and sadness

Titus and Sergio discuss Jesse Hogan being injured for the season, Hawthorn and Carlton making decisions about clash jumpers and the sadness Port Adelaide, North Melbourne and Melbourne inflicting pain on their fans.

Titus has a new live show ‘Manifestly Inadequate’and new dates to announce.

They are his traditional bye round tour wrapping up the 2018 season and previewing the finals. 

The dates are: 

4 August- Hobart 

27 August- Canberra

29 August- Perth

31 August- Sydney

1 September- Melbourne

2 September- Adelaide 

5 September- Brisbane

Ticket available here:

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Rhombus Isotope 15 August 2018

Hey, don't knock having school kids designing your team guernsey - that's what stopped Port Adelaide's run on eye gouging guernseys.

Free Kick Hawthorn 15 August 2018

How could any lengthy discussion on Hawthorn's colours not include a "Poos and Wees" reference? Missed opportunity...

KeepTheTech 2 September 2018

It's a great we miss it but never miss

ethan micheal 20 September 2018

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