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Titus and Sergio's Variety Hour: Drive bys, Jacko and Quiddich

Titus and Sergio discuss Stephen Dank being shot at, Jacko's turn on Open Mike, Australia winning the World Championship of Quiddich and...

28 Jul 2016

Titus and Sergio's Variety Hour: Russia, Bomber and Jousting

Titus and Sergio are joined by Danny McGinlay to discuss Bomber Thompson's desire to return to coaching, Russia getting banned from Rio...

22 Jul 2016

Titus and Sergio's Variety Hour: Cocaine, Olympics and the Cloke brothers

Titus and Sergio discuss Michael Talia getting busted, attempts to extinguish the Olympic Flame, the Cloke brothers kicking lots of goals...

19 Jul 2016

Titus and Sergio's Variety Hour: Gloves, Catfishing and Joe Biden

Titus and Sergio discuss Travis Cloke's glove, catfishing and contested football. They also look at Tim Cahill joining the A-League the...

15 Jul 2016

Titus and Sergio's Variety Hour: Hayne, UFC and T-Shirt cannons

Titus and Sergio talk about the terrible ban on T-Shirt cannons, launch a new political party and wonder what's next for Jarryd Hayne....

12 Jul 2016

Titus and Sergio’s Variety Hour: Pistorious, Clarko and Supertramp

In episode four, Titus and Sergio discuss Oscar Pistorious' ridiculous sentence, Alastair Clarkson's dig at Port Adelaide and what album...

7 Jul 2016

Podcast news

One of the most fun things I’ve done recently is the Titus ‘n’ Paradise podcast with Sergio Paradise.

This is despite the fact that Sergio...

22 Jun 2016