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7 August 2016

Fijian Rugby Sevens Player helps Titans to loss

Fijian Rugby Sevens Player Jarryd Hayne has helped his new NRL side, the Gold Coast Titans, to a loss.

27 January 2016

NRL to get tough on inappropriate player-canine interactions

ARLC Chairman John Grant said the NRL would ‘get tough’ and ‘draw a line in the sand’ against NRL players interfering with dogs.

6 January 2016

Jarryd Hayne eats sandwich

Former NRL star and NFL player Jarryd Hayne is believed to have consumed a sandwich today as part of a meal, most probably lunch.

6 December 2015

AFL and NRL vote David Gallop ‘Sports Executive of the Year’

In a rare joint statement, the AFL and NRL have announced their joint ‘Sports Executive of the Year Award’ goes to the Football Federation

19 August 2015

Every NRL player leaves for the NFL

In a move that has shocked and surprised the NRL hierarchy, every NRL player has headed of to the United State to try their hand at NFL.

5 April 2015

NRL referees to be armed with water bottles

The NRL will arm referees with water bottles following Friday night’s controversial incident where angry fans threw water bottles at officials.

27 February 2015

A guide to stay out of trouble for professional athletes

Being a professional athlete is hard and it’s only getting harder in the days of social media and the 24-hour media cycle.

28 August 2014

AFL: Recruiting NRL stars a massive success

The AFL today said the recruitment of Israel Folau and Karmichael Hunt had been a success beyond anyone’s ‘wildest dreams.’

26 August 2014

AFL issue tender for a new scandal in season 2015

The AFL has announced it is seeking Expressions of Interest for a new scandal to run throughout the 2015 season.

18 June 2014

More ASADA 'Secret Deal' emails revealed

Recently revealed emails show ASADA and the AFL had worked out a 'secret deal' on how to handle the investigation into the Essendon Supplements sca