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12 January 2016

Essendon WADA finding is all A-League fans fault

I’m white hot angry right now.

6 December 2015

AFL and NRL vote David Gallop ‘Sports Executive of the Year’

In a rare joint statement, the AFL and NRL have announced their joint ‘Sports Executive of the Year Award’ goes to the Football Federation

1 December 2015

A-League fans will destroy us all

Let me be very clear up front, it is not possible to overplay the threat A-League fans present to not only Australia but the entire world.

15 August 2014

The rise of soccer biggest threat since Communism

When I was a kid, my father spent several months building a bomb shelter in our backyard.

30 December 2013

Sporting Stars’ New Year’s Resolutions

As 2013 limps to the finish line, I asked some of Australia’s sporting personalities for their New Year’s resolutions.

26 March 2013

An Etiquette Guide for Attending an A-League Game

I am a member of an A-League club and have been attending games regularly since the competition began.

18 November 2012

David Gallop attempts to convince David Beckham to join the A-League

Despite ‘Becks’ ruling out playing in the A-League, new FFA boss David Gallop decided to make one last phone call to try and change his mind.

29 April 2012

Who is the Worst Team to Support in Australia?

Supporting a team is hard.  The emotional toll alone surely takes years from your life.  The time and money spent is not worth contemplating and it

25 March 2012

The Opportunity Cost of Friendship (and how sport can help)

I have often heard people say, “You can’t put a price on friendship.”  To me, this has always been lazy thinking.  Economists have long looked into