Woman wins Melbourne Cup: A worrying precedent

Today a female jockey, Michelle Payne, won the Melbourne Cup. It’s the first time it’s ever happened.

Up until now it’s just been glorious man after glorious man.

A lot of people celebrated this glass ceiling breaking fact but it got me thinking, what if competent women are allowed into other male dominated workplaces?

It made me realise that it could force incompetent white men out of jobs! It would be a bloodbath everywhere, on corporate boards especially.

The worst thing about this all is that Payne beat competent men too and on a 100-1 longshot. She seems to be not only competent but really, really good at jockeying.

The whole thing terrifies me. As a white middle aged man I’ve always relied on the deck being stacked in my favour despite me doing nothing to deserve it.

I’ve succeeded time-and-time again because I look like someone who in the credits of a movie would be ‘guy in meeting’. No one questions me being there or even judges it. They just think, ‘that guy looks like he should be here’.

Imagine if people started ignoring that and cared about my performance instead?

If non-white non-middle age non-men can overtake me on 100-1 longshots, I might have to actually start working hard and not rely on centuries upon centuries of social conditioning to coast on through.

So while everyone is celebrating a Melbourne Cup winner, my world is spinning. Thanks a lot Michelle Payne!

Oh well, at least I have the inertia of societal change on my side.

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  1. Grant Pilling

    She’ll probably want equal pay just for winning too.

  2. Ashley Mrocki

    If she can do it, Jack Watts can play AFL.

  3. Debie Allen

    I understand your tongue in cheek but great day for Michelle – women

  4. Michael Charlton

    If Michelle payne can win the melbourne cup. Richmond can win a final. U0001f61b

  5. Rod Garside

    Male wins Melbourne cup. Female rides him. Sound familiar?

  6. Matthew Pope

    False. If a woman can win a Melbourne Cup, Hawthorn can win a premiership. Oh wait on…

  7. Rosalie Schmosalie

    How the hell did she get out of the kitchen?

  8. Adam Richards

    Richmond could do with her ability to cope under pressure when the stakes are high

  9. Kelly Higgins Devine

    Don’t give up that white, male privilege without a fight, Titus! Surely there’s an MP who can take up your cause?!

  10. Riley Thomas

    Nick Musso Jake Vevers Lewis Bear Tyson Wood worrying stuff

  11. Riley Thomas

    Jordan Bartter James Kerr Ben Maude start of a trend?? Concern

  12. Kristine Evans

    Lawl u guyz r so funny how did u cum up with such good jokez?? I luvd da social comentary on how da system dat causes women 2 earn less is da same system dat condems them 4 it LOLZ thats wot u were doing right??

  13. sheppo

    Working in the marine industry I wish competent women would start working with us. After 30 years of working in a male dominated environment is just plain boring. Just seems women don’t like driving boats, but they are obviously good at riding a geegee.

  14. Tyler Winton

    Mia Zaccardo obviously satirical but still very funny!

  15. Billious

    Thank God we finally get a victory speach in a voice that sounds and looks like a woman instead of just the female high pitch audio of the past 155 years from the blokes.

  16. Paul Huddart

    It was a great effort mate. The horse has actually been at Darren Weirs wangoom stable doing some lead up work in preparation for the cup. He is back at wangoom tonight after his mighty effort. Wangoom now have a melb cup winner. We had a small wager on him at huge odds. Michelle Payne produced a super ride.

  17. Kerryn Edwards

    Titus continues to outdo himself, even out of footy season!

  18. Jeff Nixon

    Nothing funny about this post. She has clearly earned her place in racing history. Congratulations Ms Payne.

  19. Noni Primrose

    Best of all she wore pearl earrings!!! Love that to pieces. Also the colours are those of the suffragette movement…..did you know that?

  20. Stej Bosnjak

    Didn’t that former cricket guy blame women for Australia losing the Ashes?

  21. Narmada Thiyagarajah

    Stop Animal racing and cruelty to animals. I don’t care about this battle of the sexes in this matter.

  22. JohnBiddle

    Maybe it’s just that the white blokes in charge of coming up with the odds on the horse winning were in fact really incompetent, and the horse that carried her around was actually way better than any other horse running.

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