We are not getting hysterical enough about Sam Mitchell’s gesture

The moment Sam Mitchell mimicked injecting himself as part of a sledge towards Essendon players, I was sure we would all overreact by a fair bit.

Unfortunately, I think we’ve fallen a bit short (no pun intended Sam).

Where are the demands for an inquiry or even a Royal Commission? I mean if that Q and A nonsense is getting one, why not an incident that people actually saw?

We need to understand that children witnessed this incident. The same children who have been already been doing these sort of sledges at school for a couple of years no.

Questions need to be answered like:

  • Why is Sam Mitchell using a sledge most primary school kids have already come up with?
  • Do AFL players need professional sledge writers?
  • Should every runner be trained in one-liners?
  • Has this incident been shown enough on TV, could we show it more?
  • Why did the various news bulletins bother with other stories when this had happened?
  • Is Mitchell’s sledge even in the top thousand worst things Essendon players have heard in the past few years?
  • Should miming be allowed on the footy field at all? Or ever?
  • Why didn’t Essendon have a witty comeback? Did they think of one late last night and thought ‘damn it, why didn’t I think of that at the time?’

So get hysterical people, this is the biggest thing going on globally at the moment and we need to lift our level of feigned outrage.

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  1. Joanne Everett

    Pin cushions were once just that! Sorry for those who were misled by those they put their faith and trust in. We, the public, will most likely never know who let their players down in such a dreadful way. Most Essendon players and families will worry for years to come.

  2. Jesse Krüger

    hahaha no! its funny! they shouldn’t get offended if they are innocent. they should have been able to just laugh it off.

  3. Malcolm McIntyre

    Pretty brave effort from some THING that ran at a bloke not looking and raised his Knee Weak as Piss AFL

  4. Jessie Kruger

    Yeah I think it would be a different story if they didn’t lose by 38. U0001f602

  5. Brad Draper

    you mean when walker tried to bump him when mitchell was running ?

  6. Malcolm McIntyre

    Pretty brave of Mitchell and he knows it . Trying to BIG man up where he had the umpires protection ..

  7. Christine Curran

    Unfortunately I DON’T think enough is being made of it. He is a role model and should be penalised by the AFL for it. Now here comes all the haters!

  8. Heather Preston

    I think Hird’s delusional comments about media propaganda are more controversial than Sammy’s U0001f489 mime. Planet Hird is a very strange place!

  9. Paul Stenhouse

    I dunno Titus… I found it pretty hysterical!!

  10. Michael McPherson


  11. Shaun Sandow

    he was simply reflecting fact in an amusing manner. They injected – perhaps not deliberately, and certainly stupidly. Diddums – poor fellas.

  12. Mick Kasso

    On ya sammy!!!!!

  13. Leeha Lothian

    I’m not a Bombers supporter. Mitchell needs to pull his head in.

  14. dlm1303

    TitusOReily #Essendon you make your bed, you lie in it

  15. Steve Cromb

    Walker hit mitchell when he wasn’t looking and managed to basically cork himself on mitchells leg, your stupidity is dumbfounding.

  16. Duran Lauros

    Pretty much everyone in this thread is proving Titus’ point.

  17. Malcolm McIntyre

    Your lack of intelligence is clear and there are numerous (many) if you don,t quite understand places that can test your eye sight tested . Good luck

  18. kkimba12

    TitusOReily timmy_mac6 just watched haw v ess replay. I cum straighter than ess forwards kick.

  19. timmy_mac6

    kkimba12 what about josh Gibson and big ceglar mate haha??

  20. kkimba12

    timmy_mac6 haha would that be?? michaelsilvy was a backman.

  21. timmy_mac6

    kkimba12 michaelsilvy is a good kick but i meant yours truly

  22. Daniel Della Gatta

    At least Mitchell knew what he injected himself with

  23. Angela Loveshawks

    Mitchell… You’re a champ….regardless of how much the media over-hype the occurrence of cheeky on field banter. I think some people want to watch a game of robots on the field instead of ‘people’ doing human things. I know what I’d rather watch… Sometimes it might be a tad offensive for some… But you’re gonna get that when you have 44 blokes on a field together. Get over your prudish, boring conservatism people…

  24. Mathew Rodda

    Mitchell was just needling the Bombers by injecting some humour into the banter between players.

  25. ninhja4000

    But did he? I think ASADA and Wada has a strong case against Mitchell. They actually have concrete proof that Mitchell injected himself with something but now they have to find the paperwork and Bio Chemist to tell them what.

  26. Ev_Fenton

    TitusOReily couldn’t believe Patrick Smith was outraged at Sam Mitchell on SENNews! He was the last person I thought would get upset

  27. Darren Hickson

    Seriously though, I’m an Essendon Member and think this has been blown right up!
    The media need to stop replaying it over and over and over again! They are the ones who make mountains out of mole hills.
    Mitchell didn’t need to apologise, when playing sport, emotions get heated and things are said that usually wouldn’t be. It’s a game, it’s getting softer every year and now things like this are now making massive headlines. Everyone needs to toughen up and stop being so precious!!

  28. Mattrox_73

    TitusOReily He only said what everyone is thinking…..

  29. GhostSwirv

    TitusOReily Pretty sure he was just miming getting a flu shot – showing concern for the health of the Bombers, sportsmanship if you ask me.

  30. misanthropicfcuk

    Good one Titus! Those of us who barrack for EFC and still have a sense of humour need to laugh about this or we’ll start crying again. #dontstandbyhird

    Amazing how many of the people that come here since you added livefyre still don’t get that this is all satire, the joke’s on them I guess.

  31. GlennNoy

    TitusOReily Really looking forward to Sam Mitchell snorting the boundary line next time they play the Suns

  32. John Francis McGeary

    Hit a nerve, especially with the man that hates Hawthorn. Thought it was funny though.

  33. bgmn5

    TitusOReily I’ve been calling for Mitchell to be horse whipped in the streets. But then that started well before this weekend.

  34. whorus3

    TitusOReily “the jerk store called, they’re running out of you!” That’s one they could have gone with! #cantstandya

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