Travis Cloke talks to his sports psychologist

In an effort to fix his wayward goal kicking, Travis Cloke has turned to sports psychologist Daryl Marchant. Here’s their first session.

Travis Cloke: Thanks for agreeing to help me doc.

Daryl Marchant: That’s OK Travis. Eddie gave me a lot of money and said ‘I hope you like a challenge.’

Cloke: It’s a struggle doc, so many thoughts in my mind all the time.

Marchant: Really?

Cloke: Oh yeah. Do you think it’s something to do with my childhood?

Marchant: Like something traumatic happened that made you a terrible kick for goal?

Cloke: Yeah.

Marchant: I doubt it. Let’s see you have a shot at goal.

Cloke: What do you think?

Marchant: Wow, you really missed. What were you thinking about before you kicked it?

Cloke: I was thinking that time is not linear; it is a circle.

Marchant: Wow, that’s actually pretty deep.

Cloke: Yeah, I’m watching True Detective and they keep talking about it. I’ve no idea what it means, maybe it refers to the shape of a watch?

Marchant: Right. What else do you think about when you’re in a game and you have a high pressure shot.

Cloke: Usually I’m thinking about where to spend all the money I’ve got. Did you know they’ve stopped making Hummers? I’ll probably have to get something else.

Marchant: Maybe you could use a visualisation technique?

Cloke: Like visualising that they haven’t stopped making Hummers?

Marchant: You know what Travis? I’m going to book us in for another twenty or so sessions. Does that sound good to you?

Cloke: Sounds great doc. Excited. Do you want me to tell you the dream I have where I’m in the band Starship and we have to save the planet using only the power of song?

Marchant: Not really.

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  1. Matt Fenwick

    Cameron Sloan Nathan Douch I’m sure you have seen it but still.

  2. Cameron Sloan

    Nice. Obvious true detective reference, loves it.

  3. Peter J Stuart

    Matthew Delaney, Alex Pekish, Terry Pollock, Clive Ewin, Sandy Abrahams

  4. Terry Pollock

    If you’ve got nothing between your ears nothing is going to help. Has been like this for five years. What do they expect will change. Not a sports physic. Needs someone who knows how to kick goals. For example Peter McKenna. It is a mechanical problem not a mental one.

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