Tomic drama reminds Australians Davis Cup still exists

Bernard Tomic’s extraordinary outburst against Tennis Australia has reminded Australians that the Davis Cup still exists.

“I remember the Davis Cup, was big when I was a kid,” said Sharon Ames a NSW TrainLink employee.

“Is it really still on? That’s the one with countries right or is that the Hopman Cup? I might watch it if Tomic isn’t playing. Is Kyrgios playing? I don’t really like him either.”

“I do like that Pat Rafter though. Is he playing?”

Tennis Australia officials have confirmed the Davis Cup is still an active competition and dozens of seniors watch it across Australia.

“Huh,” said Jarrod Samuels, an Adelaide based architect when he learned the event still existed.

“I won’t be able to watch cause I’ll probably just won’t but good on them for getting outdoors.”

“I’d tune in if Pat Rafter was playing. Is he?”

Sources have revealed that the quarterfinal is actually on next week at the Marrara Sporting Complex in Darwin, with Australia taking on Kazakhstan.

“Hard to believe it’s fallen off the radar with major showpiece events like that,” said Leo Martinez, a Café owner in Perth.

“Maybe some backpackers from Kazakhstan will be in town and get along.

“Is Pat Rafter still playing? I always liked him.”


  1. Vaibhav Pandit

    makes sense hey Daniel Brennan, Australia finally has the first half-decent team in 13 odd years to field, and Tomic has to stuff it up.

  2. Peter Crowe

    Who should represent Australia at the next Davis Cup, Rafter and Massur, or Tomic and the other loud mouth brat?

  3. ElizabethJMars

    GrogsGamut TitusOReily Does anybody know if Tennis Australia is made up of bigoted legends like #DawnFraser

  4. DPlunky

    GrogsGamut TitusOReily should have read with more care. Spent too long trying to work out what existing titusoreily meant.

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