Titus and Sergio’s Variety Hour: Bad cricket, bad injuries and nude arrests

Titus and Sergio discuss Australia’s bad form in Sri Lanka and Rio, some bad injuries and the nude arrest of an IOC bigwig.

2nd September at Yarraville Laughs. Tickets on sale now at http://www.yarravillelaughs.com/gig/titus-oreily

8th September at The Comedy Store. Tickets on sale now at http://comedystore.com.au/index.php?option=com_eventlist&view=details&id=378 


  1. Distinguished_guy

    LOVED the suggestion our cricket team and swimming team had been sent to each other’s venues, and that the result would hardly have varied if they hadn’t.  Also the genuine and mind-blowing revelation that the Australian quidditch team is currently our most successful international team.  Come to Adelaide to do a show guys. I mean it’s almost the quince season so why wouldn’t you?.

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