Ticketek announces bold plans to sell tickets online by 2022

Alleged ticketing company Ticketek, have announced a bold vision of the future where fans will purchase tickets to events ‘online’.

Ticketek Australia managing director Cameron Hoy said under the innovative new strategy, customers would use their computers to navigate to a ‘website’ to purchase tickets.

“There they would seamlessly buy tickets in mere moments without leaving the comfort of their homes.”

“You’d have your tickets in minutes. No hour long waits like these days.”

Mr Hoy said while the technology was still five-to-ten years away, he was excited at the prospect of Ticketek once again showing innovation when it comes to ticketing.

“Usually we innovate by just adding new fees for things we already do and are just basically our normal service.”

“This is something else, this is making things easier for the customer, not something that’s been our focus in the past.

“Selling tickets online is something we believe we can have up and running as early as 2022.”

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  1. Jim Woodcock

    Until then it’s a gold coin donation at the gate, right?

  2. Brett Naylor

    Using the immortal words of Darryl Kerrigan “tell him he’s dreaming”

  3. Horrie Chunter. Real bloke.

    Will Collingwood get extra draft picks if they miss the 2022 deadline?

  4. Snert Underpant

    Gives Collingwood supporters 6 years to learn how to use the internet. Could be a close thing.

  5. Adam Brown

    In flying from Perth to see all 5 of the round 1 games in Melbourne. I gave up buying tickets online and will just get them at the gate. Really hope the demons/giants blockbuster doesn’t sell out

  6. Adam Brown

    haha he is in form atm, but I’ll be buying the cheapest ticket available and sitting wherever I want for that game

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