Things never heard at the football

In all my years of going to the footy, there are just some things I’ve never heard people say.

Here’s a just a few examples:

“That’s pretty reasonable for a pie and chips.”

 “The Collingwood cheer squad looks a fun place to sit.”

 “You’ve only got mid-strength beer? That’s just what I feel like.”

 “There’s just too many ATMs at this ground.”

 “Even as an opposition supporter, I really like Hawthorn.”

 “Mate, could you get me some sushi?”

 “The only thing that would make this better is a live ladder and a megawall.”

 “The umpires are really looking after us today.”

 “While watching Carlton being terrible has been fun, I hope they start to turn things around.”

 “I feel really bad that I’m missing a wedding for this.”

 “An hour long queue to buy a ticket to a game with a crowd of 20,000 is perfectly understandable.”

 “This match day experience is amazing.”

“We brought the whole family and didn’t need to get a bank loan.”

“Richmond have got this. Even they can’t lose it from here.”

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  1. Lou Richards

    The umpires are really giving Hawthorn a hard time today.

  2. maftek

    Its great to see Melbourne fill the G with their supporters on a Friday night

  3. RohanLowe1

    The game is so much better now that it’s so easy to gamble

  4. Pieman2

    ‘Nathan Buckley really has Collingwood playing out of their skins’.

    It’s a shame Collingwood aren’t in the finals, again.

    I’ll bet ya Eddy Betts really wishes he didn’t leave Carlton.

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