Story Template: Footballer who did stupid thing ‘a top bloke’

(Coach, teammate, close friend, sibling) says (insert players name) is a ‘ripper bloke’ despite (punching someone, urinating in public, using social media inappropriately, trafficking drugs).

“Sure, he’s done something here that’s reprehensible but he’s just a loveable larrikin when you get to know him,” said (coach, teammate, close friend, sibling).

“What people don’t see is that when he’s not (belting people, abusing teammates, hanging out with gangland figures, sexually assaulting someone.), he’s great fun to get drunk with.”

(Prominent media identity) said (insert players name) was a ‘great guy.’

“I’m not saying that just because he’s got a lot of dirt on me and I played footy with his dad.”

“Although that’s mainly why I’m saying this.”

(Former club champion) said it’s important to remember that everyone associated with the AFL is a ‘great bloke.’

“There’s future jobs and premierships on the line here, so remember everyone is a cracker of a bloke and if they’ve done several terrible things then they’re ‘misunderstood.’”

“Although, if someone turns out to be a pretty average player, they may not get the full amnesty the ‘ripper bloke’ tag applies.”

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  1. Marty Day

    hahaha had a read of that as well so true U0001f44c

  2. Gary Stevanov

    ” Top Bloke”..haha…remember him? Does Danny Higgins ring a bell?

  3. Joanne Everett

    Most of us do stupid things a few times in life, however most of us are not public figures or role models. Stupid Thing School Required. Personally I would be a great teacher. Available now.

  4. Natalie

    Could also be used by every court reporter for every dick head charged with armed robbery/murder/assault/culpable driving/…

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