A sporting year in Tweets

As we all know, sports now exist purely for the purpose of tweeting during them. Here’s 2015 through the lens of 140 characters.


International Rules

Melbourne Cup

Trade Period

Scott Pendlebury gets hitched

AFL Grand Final


AFL Finals

Adam Goodes

Prime Minister Spill

Priority Picks

Harley Bennell

Shane Watson

Luke Hodge

Resting Players

Nathan Jones

Wayne Carey

John Worsfold

James Hird

Nick Kyrgios

Australia collapse for 60 runs

Bec Judd

Bernard Tomic

Sling tackles

Gary Ablett

Josh Kennedy retires

Hawthorn Away Jumper

State of Origin


Malthouse, Bolton and Carlton

Cricket World Cup

Heritier Lumumba

Glenn McGrath

Robert Allenby

Colin Sylvia retires


  1. pies016

    TitusOReily great work Titus. Merry Christmas. U0001f644

  2. jjliveson

    TitusOReily some really good ones there U0001f44dU0001f3fc.

  3. Heath Wright

    Great Friday read Damian MacLeod Rhys William Simon Harrex Myles Odinson Jesse Nugent James Sacco

  4. Charlie Urwin

    Incredible banter Hugh Whittaker Tom Vogel Oliver Russell Chris Allen

  5. Myles Odinson

    Love the AFL ad drinking game one – “he is now dead”

  6. Kelly Exeter

    Ah memories! Was definitely a good year for you on Twitter Titus!

  7. Abhinav Ramachandran

    Izzy Gunawardena would love this guy’s work. Roy Mendes Ashrith Ramachandran Senthan Bala Benoy Shankar Mike Jones

  8. Richard Warren

    Will Cranwell Julian Lim Marcus Rubira so. Much. Gold.

  9. Geoff Schaefer

    I dub thee Sir Titus O’Reily the Extremely Amusing and shall raise a mug of singing syrup to commemorate your outstanding achievement to sport in 2015. Well played Sir!

  10. Cameron Bailey

    Look a few a couple – all time . Remind me to treat my self This arvo!

  11. gus_f_

    TitusOReily wondering who will take out “the Hird” in 2016 for most outstanding contribution to Twitter material!

  12. Lemmiwinks

    You should’ve gone after the Hawks fans more rather than the club. Those morons know less about humility than Anthony Mundine.

  13. Snert Underpant

    Wonderful effort that Titus! Whilst sad to lose some of your favourite characters like Mighty Mick, Hirdy and Watto, whilst we have young sports people, alcohol, drugs and IPhones, you are only even a brief moment away from applying your satirical torch. My Christmas wish for you is that your D’s provide you with less material than they have in the past.

  14. Patrick Lindsay

    I still think that Josh Kennedy one is the best tweet I’ve ever seen

  15. sheppo

    I missed a lot of these, so cheers for the catch up. Many a chortle was had!

  16. bennyblork

    Thanks for another looks at the Fyfe pic..that makes 759 and counting.

  17. Philip Barnes

    You only have to start reading the first 1/2 dozen of these and you’ll find yourself laughing out loud.
    Not good on a train by the way.

  18. Steve Schlecht

    I haven’t been on Twitter enough, a lot of these I hadn’t seen. They’re fantastic

  19. KentuckysaChris

    TitusOReily what think about new New Zealand flag

  20. pies016

    TitusOReily cheers for the fun TitusU0001f44dU0001f44dMerry Christmas and a happy but brief Boxing Day test.

  21. Kerryn Edwards

    Love it. Hard to pick a fave but I really liked the Hodge one –
    Let whoever hasn’t elbowed someone, crushed someone’s head against a point post and been caught drink driving, cast the first stone!!!!!

  22. Oscar Pellizzon

    Titus is brilliant. I love the nz warship at the start

  23. Bonjour_Pippy

    TitusOReily The year of tweets should be made into a hard copy coffee table book, an annual reference for great reading!

  24. Ben Plumb

    “Compared to our country, our sporting clubs aren’t actually that badly run” – Credit.

  25. David Evans

    It’s official. Titus O’Reily is a national treasure.

  26. Jeremy King

    Thomas Lawton TL seriously only bloke funnier than you

  27. MurrayCarter5

    TitusOReily – a solid and enjoyable year – look forward to the next!!

  28. jarrodsawers

    TitusOReily sergioparadiso if I wanted rehashed tweets I will just listen to the podcast.

  29. t01132715

    TitusOReily still funny second time…love Titus U0001f44cU0001f3fc

  30. TheRawFanatics

    TitusOReily in stitches reading this U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  31. geoff_oday

    TitusOReily I think you should tone down the sarcasm. Also Ricky Nixon is a good guy down on his luck

  32. matt315g

    TitusOReily 2016 has it’s work cut out trying to top that effort!

  33. Steve Badrock

    There are some absolute quality lines in there!

  34. telis1

    TitusOReily thanks for the compilation. Very funny re reading them again.

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