Scientists: Shane Warne to exhaust goodwill by 2019

Some of the World’s leading scientists are cautioning that the goodwill Shane Warne built up with Australians during his cricketing career will be exhausted by 2019.

“Under current conditions, the massive reserve of goodwill Warnie once possessed could be depleted as early as 2019,” said Professor Kate Sharma of Stanford University.

“While issues such as the closure of his charity have some impact, it’s more just everything he says. He’s been using it at an unsustainable rate for sometime now.

“Australians love winning but they also don’t like someone who is acting like a goose.”

Despite many off-field stumbles during his career, Warne enjoyed one of the largest reservoirs of goodwill ever seen upon his retirement.

Dr Malcolm Schröder of the University of British Columbia said since then, Warne has almost seemed to be on a mission to spend all that goodwill.

“The weird ads, that mural. Just unsustainable practices really. Then he attacks Steve Waugh. No. Just no.”

“The biggest contributor to the erosion of his goodwill though is social media. The selfies definitely contribute but it’s also the constant posting in the style of an excitable thirteen-year-old that is the biggest factor.

“No grown man should use emojis at the rate he does.”

Scientist are yet to determine what impact Warne’s appearance on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! will have on their prediction.

“Our modelling doesn’t cover that yet but it seems the more contact people have with Shane outside of a cricket field, the more goodwill he uses up,” said Professor Sharma.

“Matching wits with Brendan Fevola can’t help.”

A spokesperson for Warne hit back however and said the science was unclear over Warne’s goodwill and lacked any real consensus.

“These are alarmist theories from scientist on the fringes of this complex issue and do not represent the views of many experts,” said the spokesperson.

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  1. Aaron Grogs

    Nah if your good with a ball your set for life in this country

  2. Annie Haddad

    His goodwill ran out a long time ago, if you’re not a bogan like he is.

  3. Scott Chapman

    He was just using a razor to shave his stomach on I’m a Celebrity…WTF is that all about?? U0001f601

  4. Niroshan Balasundaram

    Al Macdonald Lloyd D’Costa Dan Balasundaram too funny

  5. Sean Delaney

    Titus, you’re on team Waugh over Warne???? You will loose your Victorian passport for that!

  6. Declan Smith

    Adam Cawthorn Patrick Rosenthal Aeddan Evans almost exactly the sentiment I was trying to express at lunch

  7. Ben Rout

    Ever met Steve Waugh? What a drip wouldn’t even stop for an autograph when I was 10

  8. James Chirgwin

    Curtis Mollison theres science backing it up now

  9. Ricky Walsh

    You and Warnie certainly know how to hold a grudge haha

  10. Ben Rout

    As a 10 year old I was gutted!
    No word of a lie Warnie stopped for photos and a chat for a good 5 minites

  11. Lachie Barber

    Hugely concerning Oliver Young Lachie MacDonald Dylan Minutoli

  12. Jamie Mills

    Well, I know this is an unpopular view, & I’m not defending Warnie for a second, but Steve Waugh WAS a selfish cricketer. When he batted with the tail, he rarely tried to farm the strike, & often gave the impression he was batting for a not out…

  13. Oliver Young

    A sharp leg break turning out of the rough to take leg stump will win my love any day

  14. Tom Reynolds

    With the increase in hot gas emulating from the subject, we may see accelerated global boring.

  15. Michael O'Brien

    Steve Waugh is a legend of the game in more ways than one. Selfish? The bloke is known throughout India for giving his time and money to help poor children. That in itself makes him a legend.

  16. Stej Bosnjak

    Mark Latham asked Steve Waugh to be a federal ALP candidate, nuff said

  17. Ant Hardie

    Was stuck under a rotunda at rosehill with mark Waugh during rain one day. No one else besides me and his misses and refused to acknowledge me, his wife did though.

  18. Matthew Passmore

    It’s never really been the strategy to farm strike. Hussey also used to just let the tail Enders bat

  19. Geoff Schaefer

    It won’t matter. With global warming, his face will melt before his goodwill runs out…

  20. Jamie Mills

    Mick – selfish cricketer was the point. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t generous in other aspects of his life. Matthew, Waugh averaged a not out every 5.65 innings, & Hussey had blokes like Gilchrist (then Haddin) & Johnson following him. Just an observation guys…

  21. Colin Arbuckle

    All the opportunities life has thrown at him…and he has to humiliate himself on that rubbish show?!

  22. Prathibha Shanker

    On the lines of what I was telling you about

  23. Robert McCosh

    But Steve Waugh has exhausted his free will for Matty Elliot in 2016

  24. David Hoysted

    I think that must have been a type. Should have been 2009 not 2019.

  25. Robert McLeod

    Warne is Gatting himself up against the Waugh Brody Jacob

  26. Heather Preston

    Modelling incorrect – goodwill exhausted several years ago.

  27. Adrian Vassallo

    Waugh make it a rule that top end batsmen worked individually with tail Enders to improve their batting, so he lead from the front showing faith in them. A leader of men and Captain material if ever I heard of it.

  28. Adrian Vassallo

    Mark Latham also asked John Howard because he thought he would get more votes. Jog on floggo.

  29. Michael O'Brien

    He wasn’t selfish. He was no Mark Waugh in regards batting talent and as such he batted where he would benefit the team, simple as that Jamie Mills

  30. Michael O'Brien

    He had tenacity, and the guts to take hits to the body for the team. He knew he couldn’t pull or hook so took that out of his game. If you ask me he was an all rounder that learned to bat as his career progressed.

  31. Graeme McIntyre

    Leave the argument to “them” Let’s remember 2 of Aussie’s greatest cricketers for who they were … they were champion Australian’s & any other argument should not demean this.

  32. Ben Rout

    Didn’t have to speak to me, a ten second signature would’ve been plenty

  33. Sean Spencer

    Waugh didn’t take steroids to speed up recovery from shoulder surgery either

  34. Russell von Bergheim

    What is more important, being a good cricketer or being a good human being?

  35. Bill Dusting

    sorry to point out your mistake, but you seem to have used a stock picture of Joan Rivers. Know you’re strapped for time.

  36. Judy Higgins

    Scientists are wrong. It will be much sooner than that. Probably by the end of I’m a celebrity get me out of here, if not sooner.

  37. Joanne Everett

    I thought you meant plastic surgeons. Has he had a mooch job or what?

  38. Shaun Trevillian

    Steve Eberhard Shane Fromm it’s getting that way

  39. Steve Eberhard

    I agree with everything except the attack on emojis U0001f623

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