Richmond fan swears off Tigers; buys 2016 membership next day

Fanatical Richmond fan Sam Bretton has purchased a 2016 membership just days after swearing off the Tigers for life.

Co-worker Sara Li said Bretton had bailed her up for twenty minutes on Monday morning saying he had ‘given up watching the Tigers and footy forever.’

“He wasn’t in a good space. He’s eyes, I’ll never forget his eyes, they were haunted. I haven’t seen a look like that since last year when Sam said the exact same things.

“He then sobbed in the tea room for about 45 minutes. It was kind of hard to watch but also hard to look away.”

Sam’s boss Linda Helpman said she’d even given Sam Tuesday off with compassionate leave.

“I’m a Hawthorn supporter so I can’t even begin to imagine what he’s going through. It must be awful.”

“Some say these people choose to be Richmond fans and we shouldn’t help them but it’s an addiction and many of these people are born into this cycle of hope and despair.”

On Tuesday night however, after several Wild Turkey’s, Bretton began thinking of Jack Riewoldt’s cheeky smile, Ivan Maric’s luscious locks and Alex Rance’s jaw line.

“I don’t know exactly what moment it happened but suddenly I’d gone onto the Richmond website and renewed my membership. It felt good but then the shame rushed over me.”

Asked how he felt the morning after, Bretton said he was drawing strength from a lifetime of managing disappointment.

“This might be the worst thing that’s ever happened to me but at least I’ve gone through it every single year of my life, I know I can get through.”

“Plus, the side is looking pretty good for next year, just need a few pieces in the off season and 2016 can totally be our year. Yellow and Black!”

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  1. tigerfaithful47

    TitusOReily Macca1728 sound familiar? Chooka all over!!

  2. Lindsay Gannon

    Sounds like myself but at the long suffering Lions

  3. Seamus Barker

    I refuse to respond on the grounds that I may incriminate myself

  4. simonwa11ace

    TitusOReily I thought you did satire? That ain’t it. That’s me

  5. iseedumbpe0ple

    TitusOReily I just have my membership on auto renewal. They take my money and then punish me for it. It’s gotta be Stockholm syndrome

  6. Offamaw

    TitusOReily thanks for changing my name for confidentiality #gotiges

  7. Rodger Clark

    The first step in recovering was admitting we had a problem

  8. Lyall McClure

    Ben Mcdonald,Lisa McDonald Ewan was so upset when the tigers lost, I tried to soothe him by saying get used to it!

  9. Rob Stewart

    Lachlan Stewart, has your old housemate rad this?

  10. Anton Boudaher

    Tbh we’ve all done it. And if we haven’t we all will

  11. Anton Boudaher

    Andrew. 0/4 in finals or finish 9th. Pick one. GO

  12. Nikita Priestley

    Didn’t even bother swearing off them this time

  13. Karl White

    Sounds like every Richmond fan myself included. You hate the club as much as you love it but you’d never change it for anything!!!

  14. Lisa McDonald

    Character building we say! It’s easy to win! Anyone can be those fans! Only those of superior fortitude can support the Tiges! U0001f61c

  15. Kiel Pumpa

    Rhys Craig T Mason Dangerlander Chris Douglas it wasn’t one of us, there must be some other idiot out there

  16. Luke Westwick

    Gold!U0001f606U0001f42f Matt Lammeretz Thomas Michael Deveson

  17. Chris Thornton

    Tim Craig Chris Josh Steve Dan Anthony Geoff Liam Cj Darren Travis Jed Matt Sime
    Every single year….

  18. Craig Ridley

    Love it… Been a tough week gutted and copped a fair flogging from every 2nd person but at end of the day we won 15 games beat carlscum bombers and pies twice and beat port freo swans n hawks on road. Pretty decent year… im happy. But wont take next step without 2 of the following..a gun ruck. A gun small forward. Another big back. Another tough inside mid. Hopefully tge kids take next step !

  19. Dimi Vlahos

    Jordan reckon that’s you, me and Con in the top corner there!!!

  20. katinka_c

    TitusOReily *live tweets my boyfriend’s Mad Monday*

  21. Macca1728

    tigerfaithful47 TitusOReily haha thats chooka all over!!

  22. Brett McDonald

    Lions won three in a row a bit over a decade ago…you nuts?

  23. Stephen Bray

    Luckily some of us are ancient enough to remember the Golden Era

  24. Wayne Ogston

    Richmond fans are the most feral of all. Spitting on coaches and booing a star like Richo! Need i say more. lol Not all i should add. Take away the 70,000 extra they had at the game the other day and then you have the real Richmond supporters.

  25. Wayne Ogston

    Would be good to see a comment here rather than a thousand blue names (tagged) . Hey its a Richmond post what more would you expect.

  26. Paul McDowell

    Who else could I love – not wearing horizontal blue and white hoops

  27. Jean-Pierre Girardin

    They give you just enough hope. Next year is our year

  28. Mary Kavanagh

    I used to tell my kids this Lisa. Now the youngest is 35. He was born the day we won the flag in1980. They are all still loyal to the Tigers, I’m proud to say

  29. Brett Mannion

    I’ve been waiting for some sort of comment. Well done !

  30. Kelvin McKinnon

    I’d thought I would give you some time to grieve

  31. Anthony Trent

    We’re getting omeara, bennel, redden, pendlebury .. book the bus U0001f68dU0001f68d

  32. Daniel Fisher

    I’m pretty sure this article was written about me… I called Richmond last night to renew for 16 it was automatically rolling over though which made it easy
    Go tiges

  33. 72nivek

    EdgarSlosh TitusOReily better than when port were sponsored by cash converters. At least we don’t need to barricade our houses.

  34. Louis Stathopoulos

    I’m a tiger fan never give up they will bounce back hopefully with a few good new recruits for 2016 ps pie fans are more feral i believe

  35. Mark Holcombe

    Its hard after a massive loss, but as a swannies fan i managed..

  36. coulda_been

    TitusOReily Richmond fans…living in hope, dying in despair… could be worse #melbournefans #dogsfans

  37. Chris Shaw

    SHattering Rids. Still shattered. Onwards and upwards next season hopefully .AS far as I am concerned it is cricket season now.

  38. Jonathan Agar

    surely u are used to it by now chris Chris Shaw

  39. Chris Shaw

    Getting used to finals series’ Jonny however still not getting used to losing them in the first week. Call it progress legend. Hope you are well.

  40. InteriorsAvenue

    SpaceGhost72 TitusOReily Tigers Fans are the most loveable and loyal! Says me. Lol

  41. Lachie Wills

    very accurate, already looking forward to making finals in 2016 and exiting straight away #2017

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