Richmond disappoint fans by meeting their expectations

The Richmond Football Club has lived up to its fans expectations by losing to Port Adelaide on Saturday Night Footy.

Tiger fans reacted with resigned anger to the upset, which followed a week of them expecting it to happen.

Passionate Tiger fan Max Frito said he just knew the Tiges would stuff it up.

“It’s in your DNA. This was one we should definitely win, so all week you just get depressed knowing we’ll stuff it up.”

“That’s the worst thing about it, the sheer inevitability of it.”

Richmond member Katie Polack said it was the perfect storm for the Tigers.

“It was on prime time television, at our home ground and against Port Adelaide, with half their side out.”

“All the signs were there and long term supporters could all see them.”

Richmond coach Damien Hardwick said it was very disappointing to continually do what fans expected.

“Just once we’d like to surprise them and win one of these games that we should win.”

“Unfortunately our players just didn’t show up. I wish we had someone whose job it was to make sure they do.”

Tigers president Peggy O’Neal said the draw presented plenty more opportunities for fans’ deepest concerns to be proven right.

“We’ve got a heap of Friday Night games where we can prove Richmond fans are right to worry in front of a big television audience.”

Katie Polack said it’s nice to be able to predict the future but just once, she’d like to be wrong.

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This post originally appeared in Inside Football.


  1. Garry Collins

    My membership is paid up,unfortunately I make a bigger effort to support them ,than they do to play. I will now be going to the local club,at least they put in.

  2. Jason Wallace

    Do you have to nail it every time Titus? It hurts.

  3. Vivienne Osborn

    Along with the 50000 odd supporters that didn’t come last night?

  4. Daniel Jones

    So much comic gold, too many lols U0001f602U0001f602

  5. Christopher Boak

    Damien You’ll get a laugh outta this!!! U0001f600

  6. TexasPinkSock

    TitusOReily Pick 4 2016 richmond: Player 1646533 Relton Robert’s from Northern Territory.

  7. James Kean

    Richmond fans make Melbourne fans feel like Hawthorn fans.

  8. James Kelly

    Paddy Walsh Brian Joyce Rob Corden-Mckinley true?

  9. Chris Somerville

    Richmond fans have gravel rash after leaping from the round 1 bandwagon, which is now on fire and missing 3 wheels.

  10. apoplexia

    TitusOReily did you just do find-replace on an old article about the mighty Dees?

  11. Dave Heather

    As long as Dusty is still meeting his Tramp quota this season can be salvaged

  12. Ashleigh Walker-Beasley

    Hahaha I wasn’t even disappointed hahaha I went we lost again pffft was happy Hawks lost though

  13. Mark Tsui

    Made the mistake of tipping the Tigers this week – ruined my weekend! It must REALLY SUCK having to barrack for them full time!

  14. Snert Underpant

    Richmond is the anti thesis of Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates. You always know what you’re gunna get.

  15. Damien Barnett

    Troy Crees Liam Griffin Daniella Barnett Christiaan Matthysz like.. I wish it wasn’t true.. but it’s absolutely true

  16. Damien Barnett

    It’s everything we’ve always felt.. he just gets us 🙁

  17. Josh Sandland

    Can only win as underdogs… Prob beat Hawks this week now haha

  18. KenSeymour

    TitusOReily “Unfortunately our players just didn’t show up. I wish we had someone whose job it was to make sure they do” #Ouch #Insight

  19. KRUDLER62

    TitusOReily I reckon they’ll keep flogging this mediocre list for another few years before realizing what everyone else already knows. #AFL

  20. Josh Mackenzie

    Titus do you think Richmond could be so desperate to consider the advice of Terry Wallace, and pick up Travis Cloke!? U0001f602

  21. ozpostguru

    As usual Titus you are about as funny as a boot full of dead babies

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