Richmond confident they’re on a track

Richmond CEO Brendon Gale says he’s confident Richmond are certainly on some sort of track, one possibly even leading them somewhere.

“There can be no doubt we’re on a track. It may not be one heading somewhere good but we’re following it and we’re committed to following it.”

“People can get too caught up on whether it’s the right track. It seems unlikely that it is the right one but that shouldn’t stop us being pleased we’re on a track.

“Just being on a track is a huge accomplishment for this club.”

However, Richmond member Gary Deakin said having a direction wasn’t comforting if it was the wrong one.

“It feels more like we’re tied to the track and I can hear some sort of whistle getting closer,” he said.

“The only place this train is going is a little town called Heartbreak. I know this because being a Tigers supporter means I’ve ridden this particular train a lot and it plunges off a cliff in a few stops.”

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