People who organise a wedding on Grand Final Day are the worst

Every year around this time, desperate souls write to inform me that someone has invited them to a wedding on Grand Final Day, the holiest day on the calendar.

They often ask for advice on how to get out of the wedding without causing offense but that’s the wrong way to think about it.

It’s not about avoiding offending the person who scheduled the wedding because it is the person who has been invited who has been offended.

Holding your wedding on the Grand Final is the most selfish thing you can ever do.

Oh I know; you’re ‘not really into sports’, well it’s not our problem there’s something wrong with you.

What’s that? The church and reception centre was free? Of course it was, everyone else wants to watch the Grand Final not see two people pledge eternal devotion to each other.

I’m not one to normally rank which people are the worst, I mean it’s hard, reality TV ‘stars’ are near the top sure, most Australian male tennis players, it’s a crowded market.

In this case though, I’m going to say people who schedule a wedding on Grand Final Day are the worst people on Earth.

They’re about putting their happiness before yours and they want you in return to celebrate that fact.

And give them a gift.

So responding is easy. Don’t. Even if it’s family.

This person is better out of your life for good. It’s over, the universe is telling you to never see them again.

Let them schedule things in the future on Melbourne Cup Day too, during the World Cup, while The Ashes is on; you won’t care because you’ll have cut them loose.

You’ll be free to spend your time alone on the couch watching your true love, sport.

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  1. Kim_Wiggins

    TitusOReily pattonmeister agree and the women that plan kids due GrandFinal week #shockers

  2. Kim_Wiggins

    TitusOReily pattonmeister even SOO #NoRespectForMen

  3. casserdaly

    TitusOReily pepino55 billiejoelfire do you guys concur?

  4. Annaleise Prowse

    Dave Wortley there is still time to reschedule haha

  5. pepino55

    casserdaly TitusOReily billiejoelfire Concur? I f&*king wholeheartedly agree!!!!!!

  6. Nick Bauer

    Tyson Beck Sam Rip Lewis Bauer Luke Ross Billygoat Mitic Zac Day Justin Beck only the worst human beings

  7. David Colman

    Peter Hood Kristie Hood haha U0001f61b
    Awesome day btw U0001f609U0001f606

  8. MattyCos20

    TitusOReily U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602 blake_mckinnon

  9. Des Lee

    My cousin had her wedding on grand final day 2005. I went to the game.
    Totes worth it.

  10. Troy Nisbet

    What about any stupid people who booked for October 3rd thinking the Grand Final was on the 26th of September

  11. Emmett O'Reilly

    Ashleigh Robinson – this goes to our earlier conversations this year.

  12. Jarred Lynton Batten

    Hahahaa Glen Mcgrath Glen Batten Nick Mason Glynn Edwards Corey Letch

  13. Nathan_Wind

    It’s perfectly ok to schedule anything during the silly racing season, because it isn’t sport. Plus the weather is generally good.

  14. Jamie Oliver

    Had my uncles wedding in 2004 and my brothers wedding in 2013.
    I don’t understand people who want to interrupt football’s ‘Christmas Day’ U0001f605

  15. Melissa Tyler

    Jason Lindquist – is our wedding being on a Crows game equal to this? lolllll

  16. Stuart A Dalton

    Clearly a relationship where the bride wears the pants U0001f606

  17. canamelb

    TitusOReily Im a Kanga supporter, I know 2 sisters who both got married GF day 96 & 99. invited to both! .. No wedding 98 when we lost tho

  18. jb_bays

    TitusOReily good mate of mine can’t come to our gf party as he has to take photos @ a wedding – and he’s a hawks supporter…

  19. cjpunt

    TitusOReily in ancient Egyptian times it was bad luck to get married on Grand Final Day.

  20. David Lam

    Thomas McColgan McLaughlin U0001f633 you’re still a good bloke though.

  21. lucasphil

    TitusOReily There are more important things in life than Grand Final Day but a wedding isn’t one of them.

  22. Abraham Froman

    A man with tickets to the AFL GRAND FINAL finds his seat and relaxes. As he sits down, a man comes down and asks if anyone is sitting in the seat next to him.
    “No”, he says. “The seat is empty.”
    “This is incredible,” says the stranger. “Who in their right mind would have a seat like this for the AFL GRAND FINAL and not use it?”
    “Well, actually, the seat belongs to me. I was supposed to come with my wife, but she passed away. This is the first GRAND FINAL we haven’t been to together since we got married in 1947.”
    The stranger replies, “Oh…I’m sorry to hear that. That’s terrible. Couldn’t you find someone else — a friend or relative, or even a neighbor to take the seat?”
    The man shakes his head, “No. They’re all at the funeral.”

  23. Damien Holland

    Zoe Holland, this includes any day during footy season

  24. Luke Ross

    It’s happened to me before but I only went to the ring ceremony which was at 11am lol

  25. owenlpeacock

    TitusOReily Agreed. I don’t view this behaviour as thoughtless. I categorise it as vindictive. A deliberate attack on football people.

  26. Alex Houston

    Tyler Chalmers don’t do it Tyler or you will be sent into apace by cannon.

  27. Mark Edmonds

    Was about to tag you Corso, then I realised that you’re the reason I’m seeing this.

  28. David Cummaudo

    “But your team isn’t even playing”
    – all women

  29. Daniel Cohen

    Can’t hold grudges, they’re probably Richmond supporters.

  30. Jo Lees

    I believe John Howard’s daughter committed this sin. Un-Australian!

  31. Justin Kelly

    Minty, I strongly advise you to please direct all correspondence in relation to this matter to Mrs S.A.Kelly Sandra Kelly

  32. Jo Lees

    Opposite in ours. I chose NYE in order to miss all important events.

  33. maxbert_SA

    jb_bays TitusOReily You’re having a GF Party? Umm, this is awkward. #ItsOKIcanWatchSomewhereElse

  34. Anthony Campbell

    Uh oh…. I withdraw my previous submission….

  35. Bria Tyack

    My wedding is on 3rd oct and I saved over 5k doing it on this date. No one had booked the venue we wanted or the reception venue or the celebrant because who would gave it on Grand Final day. Yet out whole thing will finish and the game will only just have started so everyone can still enjoy it.

  36. Peter McCabe

    my Parents got married on grand final day in 1979

  37. David Codron

    Jane Chaytor Andrew McMahon you’re lucky that freo v hawthorn was given the Friday night slot. And at least you weren’t one/two of these people

  38. Naomi Hughes

    Callum Hughes my lovely little brother has done this this year, a devoted bombers fan he knew they wouldn’t make it so booked it in despite the fact the rest of his family are hawks supporters. oh and its in the bush so no tvs anywhere. Lucky we love him

  39. Lisa Marie Caliri

    U0001f648 if you’re from melbourne & you do this you really have no soul

  40. Julia Gauci

    Best thing ever.. Do not get married grand final day U0001f602U0001f602 Sonia Gauci

  41. Monica Martinez

    I’m a woman and I understand!! I’ll be watching the grand final!! 🙂

  42. Monica Martinez

    Josh Ranger I’m thinking we have our wedding on grand final day since it might be cheaper U0001f61c

  43. Christie Kim

    Dez Critchley this reminds me of something you would say!

  44. Troy Nisbet

    Obviously the start and the drive home doesn’t matter. Hope you don’t have any Important people miss so you could save 5k because some people actually go to the Grand Final.

  45. Stej Bosnjak

    Reckon he did it out of spite just in case the hawks make it

  46. Amanda Neville

    excuse me but i had the date first!!! afl has never been on this day – always the week after! haha 😛

  47. Noni Primrose

    My physio had his wedding inadvertently organised for this Granny, but his fiance happily agreed to change it to the next day, said she wanted all her friends there, and if the Swans made it, she would be in Melb with him at the game anyway. Her parents were not happy.

  48. IanNeil

    Miss the wedding, turn up to the reception after the game…win win

  49. Jane Chaytor

    Come on, you know me better than that David Codron. It couldn’t land on any decent spring racing day or a final! U0001f61c

  50. Rebecca Nicholson

    “all women”? Please. This woman stays home and doesn’t go to grand final parties because she actually wants to watch the game, not socialise and miss it.

  51. Lemmiwinks

    Trust me, the fact that “the game will only just have started” does not make this right in any way. People will be hating the fact that they have to be at a wedding on GF day.

  52. Naomi Hughes

    He’s an accountant think he was trying to save money cause he knew they would lol

  53. Callum Hughes

    Maybe he booked it in not knowing that the AFL cared about the cricket

  54. Sean Carroll

    I heard of someone who organised their wedding a week after the Grand Final was scheduled in 1977….and it was a draw.

  55. Natalie Evans

    ha ha yep 🙂 silly people! At least my brother’s wedding is the day after, but it is pretty close! Bridesmaid duties on the big day 🙁

  56. sinbadbay

    TitusOReily GF day is shotgun wedding day. The one saturday where churches and receptions have vacancies and can cater to these situations.

  57. Zoe Holland

    You do know that we got married in January don’t you? I’m not sure what this has to do with me…

  58. Christopher J Facey

    technically it was but they had a draw and had to play again the next week.. so I had my wedding on a scratch match

  59. Simmo Cammo

    Footy season in general is out of bounds for a wedding. October to March are better weather months anyway! U0001f31eU0001f37aU0001f44cU0001f3fb

  60. Maurice Cafra

    I film weddings and for the life of me I can’t understand why people get married on GF day when half of their guests are glued to their smart devices. For the record I haven’t filmed on GF day for over ten years.

  61. Troy Millar

    Easy way for the groom to remember the anniversary though…

  62. Christopher J Facey

    The hawks won’t make it either so your all pretty safe

  63. Simmo Cammo

    It’s always a stand by day if there is a draw like stkilda v collingwood a few years ago!

  64. Matt O'Keefe

    Seriously, just rude people their wedding can go suck a fat one!

  65. Georgia Sioux

    Lol.. Mines on the pre lim… Hopefully Hawthorn aren’t in it.

  66. Jack Mackay

    You deserve Noone to attend your wedding if you are stupid enough to do this lol . I wouldn’t even book it in for the week after incase there was a draw lol in fact just skip footy season all together just in case ha ha.

  67. Simon Connelly

    However, you could have reception at home, have a bbq, a few eskys full of middies, get married at half time.
    Would save a shitload on costs.

  68. Rebecca Nicholson

    They really are. They deserve all the toasters and foot spas they get.

  69. Georgia Sioux

    Hopefully Jason Chambers agrees with you if Collingwood are in the pre lim haha

  70. Jamie Osborne

    It wasnt on nrl grand final day so i dunno wat ur problem was. Haha.

  71. andermc59

    TitusOReily As bad as those interested in football for the one day in the year and get exposed by their kicking style in kick to kick

  72. Michael Schotte

    More quality writing Shaun Braonáin Peter Russell Adam Paul Weber MattnSarah Hunt Matthew Barrad Jarnes

  73. Jaclyn Campbell

    Greg Thomson what were you thinking? I must be adopted!

  74. Lynden Albiston

    This basically applies to anyone who books anything in September, or during the football season at all.

  75. Barry Douglas

    i have a wedding this year
    not happy at all
    some people have know idea

  76. Rebecca Nicholson

    And the Sunday after is a day of mourning. Leave us alone to grieve in peace.

  77. jorypple

    TitusOReily Invited to bucks, GF day, by an Essendon fan. If I get a ticket I won’t be at the bucks. If I don’t, We’ll tie him up. #sorted

  78. Steven Hobbs

    I still believe I am owed for the rest of my life for that

  79. jorypple

    TitusOReily one of the guys is a nurse… Would it be wrong to inject the buck with ‘harmless’ substances? #toofar? #karma #FreeGfDay

  80. Leshae Delacey

    Lol well can’t help when I was born
    And it’s a night thing soo what’s the issue mate haha

  81. HongKongPhooty

    in any contest (except lions b&f) there can only be 1 winner. why take on the GF and start your marital campaign with a loss?

  82. Leigh Kentish

    People who organise them the day before so they can have their mates there still on the day…… the best

  83. Vanessa Chivas

    Dale Chivas Renay Casini I can’t memba who I was talking to about this?!

  84. Jason Murrell

    Dylan Jewellzy Jewell we were only talking about this last night

  85. Kim English

    Domenica Greenmount the best kind of people U0001f618

  86. Toan Ngo

    Screw the finals im all about the fire works and first dance !!!!!!!! And half half drinking

  87. Monica Martinez

    Rebecca is spot on! You watch the game then socialise afterwards haha 🙂

  88. Alison Harding

    A player from our club got married in GF Day. In response one of the other players created a Facebook page “Mates who get married during footy season s*** me to tears”. We did manage to see the first quarter before the ceremony and the last quarter before the reception….

  89. Toan Ngo

    Let’s see how high we can chuck Pedro Cham in the air

  90. Sarah Hay

    Talk to Nic Smith about it. Still not sure how it’s my fault

  91. Lucy E Smith

    See also ‘People who organise a wedding on Derby Day are the worst’

  92. Dave Raus

    Haha Krystle Raus We don’t mind at all Tabitha Raus

  93. Beck Cattermole

    Was going to write this, it’s like we share one mind

  94. Beck Cattermole

    Um, no. Surprisingly women actually can watch the game and love the sport

  95. Nicole Huntly

    Dave, you’re not the only one who feels this way!

  96. Thomas Matthew White

    The afl organise. Grand final on my bday! Good on them!

  97. Charles King

    My sister had hers the day of a NAB Cup game 11 years ago and I’m still pissed off about it

  98. Ingrid McLanders

    Darren McLanders we scraped in the anniversary just before.

  99. Gary Kite

    But it’s great that you never forget our anniversary isn’t it. 🙂

  100. Dylan Jewellzy Jewell

    Especially on a hot day and it’s a no booze wedding. Their marriage would not last, they would lose friends and would surely go to hell

  101. Michael Shillito

    Marriages come and go, but the Grand Final is history that lasts forever.

  102. Nathan Hanrahan

    What does your family think about that Lucy Dron?

  103. GlennFinkelde

    TitusOReily – wife’s 40th birthday. And my first year with full MCC membership. Really struggling with the exact way to tell her!!

  104. James Turner

    Dylan Hooper Sarah Potter this could’ve been you guys haha

  105. Krystle Raus

    Hahahaha! It was just my luck booking it on the one time they change the grand final day!!!! U0001f44f

  106. Rebekka Doolan

    Well I didn’t plan it that way!?! Lol should have backed the draw that year! ❤️

  107. Katelyn Swallow

    Tiffany Tagaroulias or graduation ceremonies around then? like what the?

  108. Justin Martinez

    People who write about people who organise a wedding on grand final day are the worst

  109. Corey Martyn

    Parents got married on grand final day. We only just moved here and most guests were interstate. It would be different now days

  110. Tiffany Tagaroulias

    These people are so retarded.. seriously need to prioritise life! Haha

  111. Sarah Phillis

    People who organise kids birthday parties for the 3 hours during the Grand Final.
    Every. Goddam. Year!

  112. Tiffany Tagaroulias

    I’m still so devo about the footy show U0001f614

  113. Con Dimitropoulos

    Booked my wedding week after gf in 2010… Everyone knows what happened next…

  114. Brett Gray

    Or baby showers!! Who even!!!?
    I’d totally dodge out on my own wedding day

  115. tealfooty

    TitusOReily Marriages come and go, but the Grand Final is history that lasts forever.

  116. Beau Corrigan

    Hahahaha Mitch that’s not noice!!! U0001f37bU0001f37bU0001f44d

  117. Dustin Hombsch

    Haha the church was free of course it wasU0001f602

  118. David Herbert

    Chelsey Bloom I’m offended just HEARING that you’re going for a wedding

  119. Ben Dunlop

    Worst people ever. Get married during the cricket this way you won’t be hated

  120. LionsJo

    TitusOReily or have a baby during finals. Eldest granddaughter born 29122001. #bannedfromseptemberoffspring #11othermonthsinyear

  121. Rebecca Hughes

    Charles reckon that was a Wizard Cup match and you need MOVE ON :p

  122. Michelle Shields

    Haha. Your team wasn’t even playing! And it was a draw so they played it again anyway 🙂

  123. Domenica Greenmount

    Haha so harsh, break my heart!! If only we ‘weren’t into sport people’ U0001f61d Sorry to everyone!!

  124. Elizabeth Baker

    That’s why we planned it specifically around grand final 😉

  125. Phil Smith

    Paul Charles Matt Williams Michael Nitschke errrrrrr haha.

  126. Matt Williams

    You say ‘errr haha’ but we all know your serious. Paul surely its not to late to reschedule

  127. Alexander Crowden

    Phil Crowden we’re lucky Laura and Mick didn’t pull this crap.

  128. Shaun Williams

    A guy a few comments down also wrote, dont plan your wedding around the spring carnival. I couldn’t agree more

  129. David Cummaudo

    I think my remark has been taken out of context, it is all women who insist on their partners attending a wedding on GF day

  130. Tom Roberts

    Hahahaha josh Josh Shephard James Dwyer lucky it’s only the Bucks

  131. Mick Davies

    As if we would. Not that it really matters to you this year.

  132. Alanna Maree

    Ainslie Fulham this should alsp be relevant to dress fittings hahaha

  133. _ria84

    TitusOReily completely agree. i refuse to attend weddings on grand final day. didn’t go to a relatives ceremony because they scheduled it

  134. Thérèse Bruce

    Haha not our fault the grand final was a draw!!

  135. _ria84

    TitusOReily during the game!! went to the reception in the evening but only after the footy was well and truly over!

  136. Katrina Lawless

    And that is why our wedding has been organised around the sporting calendar! Ur lucky … I’m a keeper U0001f61c

  137. Ross Doherty

    todgers although free piss at a wedding and sneaking to a sly tv beats paying for it yourself win win

  138. Cindy Lee

    I’ll let him know for the next time he gets married lol

  139. Michael Thomas

    Maybe these people don’t support animal cruelty?

  140. Sam Loughran

    It’s almost as bad as a west coast v freo grand final

  141. Alexander Crowden

    You’re one to talk. But the whole argument that people who don’t like sport say is ‘your team isn’t even playing’ like that matters.

  142. Brian Hamer

    We got married on grand final day. It was a choice of 2 dates and the overwhelming majority of guests preferred grand final day. 33 years together tomorrow and looking forward to many more.

  143. Jacqui Mase

    Far from a wedding Antonio!!! I’m still allowing you to watch it haha

  144. Renzo Renda

    “They’re about putting their happiness before yours and they want you in return to celebrate that fact.”

  145. Justin Mcleod

    Thats what they all say haha. My team is down the bottom of the ladder anyways haha. Can’t wait for your big day man!

  146. Justin Mcleod

    Friday night man 🙁 I stuffed up the flights, was meant for Thursday night! Going to the gun sad try course October 22 🙂

  147. Sarah Potter

    What about grooms that organize there buck show on grand final day haha?

  148. James Turner

    They’re probably watching be grand final for the Bucks show haha

  149. Annie Tan

    Tom Sullivan Pandora Mavromatidis you absolutely nailed the scheduling! Winning.

  150. Jesse Robertson

    William Weir Wade Evans Liam Horter please never do this

  151. Paul Vercoe

    My own bloody fault…..but I blame the AFL….last Saturday In September D heads!!!U0001f621U0001f621U0001f621

  152. Matt Thompson

    Too funny. Someone else emailed this too me this morning without knowing the back story ….

  153. Kenny Connor

    Donga there was a draw that year and yoy know it!

  154. Michael McMahon

    Lauren Egan nearly as silly as booking Lion King tickets on grand final

  155. David Hardie

    Popped up on my newsfeed. Couldn’t not tag you haha

  156. Karen O'Shea

    Not “all women”! I watch EVERY game throughout the season and I don’t care who is playing in the Grand Final, I watch it too.

  157. Peter Turner

    Ha ha Naomi Kauter Liz Turner. Must love my family

  158. Kenny Connor

    yeah but the draw was between Westcoast and collingwood I think in the prelim so the gF was a week late

  159. Rheannon Campbell

    Haha seriously who does that!! #unAustralian

  160. Bruce Greene

    Not a good idea to organise one for the following week in case of a draw!

  161. Nick Davis

    Gay marriage isn’t allowed but grand final day marriage is? That’s not the Australia I want to be a part of. Julian Butschek John John Henry Braid

  162. Anthony Connelly

    U should have allowed for it!!! Lol 25 years ago…

  163. christobel_wood

    TitusOReily “Holding your wedding on the Grand Final is the most selfish thing you can ever do.” I cannot endorse this statement enough!!!

  164. Brendan Travers

    Eagles themed wedding? Dean Cox as master of ceremonies?

  165. Steve Govorko

    Ill wear my eagles jocks and hopefully get drew banfield

  166. Rohan McHugh

    People who organize a wedding the day before grand final day are the best. Sheree O’Connor Ben Walsh

  167. Jason Morgan

    Coral Adams. I nearly never spoke to my sister, she was going to have her wedding during the derby, thankfully someone saved her soul.

  168. Alison Hoogland

    Went to a wedding on grand final day once but they were thoughtful enough to have the ceremony before kickoff and the reception after it finishedU0001f609

  169. JD Hummerston

    Joshua McKernan hahaha ur wedding was better than the GF anyway

  170. Rob BJ Corrigan

    The G/Final is or has always been in september…Wot happened..??

  171. Matt Williams

    Totally unrelated but who is first reserve? Me or Nitta

  172. Josh Shephard

    North won’t make it so its all good U0001f44c

  173. Eliot Cohen

    As bad as people who organise kids parties on Bathurst Sunday

  174. Nate Wells

    Don’t have to go to the wedding :p I’m sure if everyone said they’re not attending the couple may change their mind. Poor couple. Just a game.

  175. Laura Crowden

    I love this line: people who schedule a wedding on Grand Final Day are the worst people on Earth. But what about people who get married on Derby Day Mick?

  176. Sarah Phillis

    There’s a special place in hell for these people.

  177. Tony Noble

    I never scheduled weddings at St Mark’s Fitzroy on Grand Final Day. Nor the week after – in case it was a draw!

  178. Philippa Thomason

    I think it’s the best thing i ever heard of.

  179. Anne Wilson

    not everyone follows football, I couldnt tell you when yhe grand final is, so why would I consider it when organising a wedding?

  180. Alicia Palmer

    Animal cruelty? ^^^^ hahaha go do some research kid.

  181. David Hayter

    My uncle got married on the day that West Torrens won the GF for the last time. Never forgave my auntie.

  182. Hirschy__

    TitusOReily People that HATE people get married Grand Final day. Show some ticker husband to be

  183. Dan Jones

    Haha, Michelle Jones did originally want it on the actual GF day. I said no! Look what happened! Bloody Collingwood & St Kilda.

  184. Michelle Jones

    That could seriously only happen to me! Not true Dan – that date was so carefully picked. No footy, no cricket & school holidays. What kind of stupid association decides to replay an entire GF?!

  185. Dan Jones

    Then having a wedding on Australia Day & missing out on the Cricket was pretty selfish too Scott Jones!

  186. Sharon Armstrong

    Haha I did see this earlier U0001f64a
    Rick U0001f609U0001f609 U0001f491U0001f470U0001f495.’s lucky the Cats didn’t make it this year U0001f606

  187. Sean Carroll

    Oh dear. Hope you didn’t barrack for Collingwood. That would’ve been hard.

  188. Danielle Van Kollenburg

    Lachlan Cove lucky you have a good fiancé

  189. Melissa Tyler

    Well we’l be in for an awkward time if a game is on our day … lollll

  190. Julie Holt

    I missed the Eagles first grand final cause I was at a wedding. We lost anyway.

  191. Glenn Cremin

    Brings back memories Michael Lyons Michael Ogulin

  192. Phil Crowden

    Probably wouldn’t matter to the ‘Dees for the rest of this century!

  193. Chrissy Wright

    We organised our wedding for the week after grand final so that nobody would miss any finals games in case their teams made it.. And that was the year of the draw. The replay was on our wedding day.. Five years on I am still not over it. I HATE people who have their wedding during footy finals.. And now I am that person. U0001f62bU0001f62dU0001f62dU0001f62d

  194. Chrissy Wright

    That happened to us in 2010 too!! It was the worst. Sat there at full time going what are we going to DO?!? We can’t cancel our wedding a WEEK before… TVs? We need TVs..

  195. Chrissy Wright

    Feeling your pain. 5 years on, I’m still not over it.

  196. Zac Day

    The guy at the wedding venue we went to check out last week was trying to say September is the best time of year. I told him its footy season and I’ll have none of that

  197. Tyson Beck

    Haha. ‘best time of year’ because they don’t have any bookings

  198. Mariah Jasmin

    At least you won’t miss any of it Jason Fallon coz of the times I’ve put the wedding 🙂

  199. Jason Fallon

    Meh I can’t stand most of the teams left anyway

  200. Luke Ross

    Oh yeah Zac Day you and Billygoat Mitic could do a book one get one free deal if you both booked in September. No one would go though besides your fake friends that don’t like footy.

  201. Billygoat Mitic

    I’m not friends with anyone who doesn’t like footy, there is no room in my life for those plebs

  202. Mariah Jasmin

    Haha U0001f602 your team will win anyways Chris U0001f61c

  203. Luke Ross

    I don’t know how to have a more than one word conversation with someone unless it’s about sport.

  204. Cheryl Schmidt

    Continuing.. Troy Haseldine, your parents married on a grand final day (and were given great grief over it)

  205. Stephen Parton

    I’ve just forwarded this on so that the responsible parties know just how terrible people they are.

  206. Rachel Kelly

    I was going to tag u in this Lance Cameron U0001f602

  207. Linda Elizabeth

    Sophie Wiki !! Haha be prepared for some radio ear pieces

  208. Sophie Wiki

    Look guys it’s the first time in decades it’s been in October because it’s meant to be “one day in September!” Hahaha

  209. Billygoat Mitic

    Lol I thought you would be all about the cosmetics P that’s why there’s so many poofs on your friends list 😉

  210. Dan Jones

    Nah. Crows supporter here. Most people assured me that they didn’t really care about the GF replay….

  211. Brendan Glidden

    Yeah it sucks when your team is in the Grand final…. Oh wait U0001f60e

  212. Kim Barendregt

    You can’t help it if they move the GF Brendan U0001f601

  213. Sarah Johnston

    Emily Johnston Michael Johnston My thoughts exactly!!!!

  214. Jodi Papa

    Ha ha Ali, I saw this earlier and laughed. It is so true lol

  215. rossj80

    TitusOReily during the ashes & cwc is also off limits

  216. tmmisson

    TitusOReily testify Titus I was scared I would be invited to one a few years thank God I wasn’t

  217. JMaczkowiack82

    TitusOReily might depend if you like the inlaws or not?

  218. murphess1

    fjburlison TitusOReily great call Fiona my phone , computer , door bell r disconnected every Bathurst w/e ! Bring it on

  219. Kingesleah Frost

    Funny this should pop up on my news feed. Talk about timing hahahaha Scott Garland

  220. Mel Street

    Whatevs U0001f612U0001f602 I dont choose the friken dates!

  221. Kurt Bannister

    Way too many people sitting on pineapples in this thread. Hes clarified what he meant.

  222. Mick Ford

    gf was always last week of september. afl stuffed it and put it on brides (and grooms) calender of october long w/e.

  223. murphess1

    fjburlison TitusOReily looking forward to see how ReneeRacer goes ! suggest craiglowndes888 moves over down conrod as renee goes by 🙂

  224. fjburlison

    murphess1 Yeah, I hope they do alright. Prove people wrong!

  225. gungolfer

    TitusOReily BillyJTweets tell me more, I have to attend to one this year but it was only because the AFL stretched the season for a week

  226. gungolfer

    TitusOReily BillyJTweets most weddings are booked 12mths in advance too #noweddingsinseptoroctoberlongweekend

  227. James Akkari

    Pierre Paul Fayad Chris Fayad Rochelle Marie lol

  228. Chris Fayad

    I’m not going to say anything, James Akkari and Rochelle Marie you know what I’m thinking U0001f609

  229. Athanasia Mastorakos

    U0001f621U0001f621U0001f621 lucky the bulldogs arent in !!

  230. Lisa Couwenberg

    Who cares what anyone else thinks Nathan Harzmeyer. We will all be there on your and Jamielee Couwenberg’s special day. Nothing is more important to us than the two of you U0001f60a

  231. Nathan Harzmeyer

    Yeah I know I just felt like saying some thing

  232. Jamie Cammarano

    Nick Giles Stephen Mann same should be said regarding spring carnival

  233. Nathan Fayad

    Glad we don’t know anyone that would do such a crime

  234. Brendan 'Lambey' Lambe

    I’m being denied a crack at a premiership because my bro made me best man for his wedding this weekend!

  235. Chris Fayad

    Just calm down Athanasia Mastorakos lol James Akkari u know what I’m thinking

  236. James Akkari

    Haha I have no idea. I’m thinking if my team ever made the grand final I would miss everything to be there. Ain’t even joking

  237. Chris Fayad

    Talking about weddings Rochelle Marie do u know what I’m thinking lol

  238. Chris Fayad

    Haha at least you’re smarter than James Akkarilol

  239. Danyel Ahmed

    Hahaha lucky I don’t mind! I don’t like the football!!

  240. Helen Kerr

    Hey I couldn’t be happier to be going to a wedding on grand final day. Yah!! Go you!

  241. Anne Wilson

    dont think any of them would think sport more important than a wedding

  242. Bernard Wright

    You are 100% correct Mr. Bettles. Jenn Wright and Chris Murn are those people

  243. Andrew Melling

    Unless of course your from Victoria and the GF is an interstate clash!

  244. Lauren Egan

    So true! Glad I wasn’t the one who made that decision!

  245. Daniel Newell

    Even better when they don’t invite you cos they know you wouldn’t be there

  246. Troy Nisbet

    Plenty of people do. I would be surprised If all your friends would agree

  247. Troy Nisbet

    I wouldn’t do It. It’s his fault for picking the wrong date

  248. MacHawk

    I haven’t agreed so absolutely with an article since ….since…..since…….I mean, IJUST SO AGREE !!!! Nasty, mean-spirited passive aggressives have NO PLACE IN MY LIFE EITHER !!!

  249. Michelle Peak

    I actually know of a person who didn’t go to their mum’s funeral because they were going to a regular home and away game. Safest bet is not to plan anything from March to October to make sure you don’t upset your AFL mad friends and family.

  250. MacHawk

    There is a statistic that read once that women who organize their weddings for Grand Final days last an average 6-8 months in their marriage usually due to the fact that they have strong sociopathic tendencies – in other words, a complete lack of empathy and empathy, as we all should know (this of us who have it) is a necessary ingredient for any successful marriage.

  251. suziee21

    TitusOReily You can be stiff if it’s a draw, unless extra time is introduced in the future.

  252. erinlyall

    TitusOReily to be fair not everyone considered grand final day would be in October this year

  253. reubenacciano

    erinlyall TitusOReily Simple solution. Screens at service/recpetion, bride + groom wearing colours at the altar. Only fair compromise.

  254. Murfolator

    TitusOReily Surely there should be jail time for men agreeing to their partners request for a GF Day wedding? Even just for some respite!

  255. kendyason

    TitusOReily Some years ago son tried this RC priest said no, going to the footy. What a Ma #afl #weddings #grandfinall

  256. rwmiddleton

    TitusOReily marshedmathers similar to someone with a 21st on NYE??

  257. Angelo De Iacovo

    The wedding that cost us a flag, faaaaaaaaaaaaark.

  258. Damien Carson

    Bombers got smashed by Brisbane that year. Dwayne Atze was grateful he didn’t have to watch.

  259. The Original Buzz

    My daughter wanted to have her wedding on the Grand final weekend.  Her partner and I looked at each other and I told her she better find someone to stand for us as it was the GF that weekend.  She now knows better.

  260. Natalie Tregear

    I had a friend who wanted to have her baby shower a couple of years ago on grand final day. I politely told her that was fine, but since it was grand final day, she needs to make sure I had access to the TV. Anyway, the date was changed. I did feel a little bad, I was only stirring her. She’s one of my best friends, so of course I would have gone, but it did feel like a win for common sense. U0001f60aU0001f609

  261. Andrew Karvounaris

    Sean Lounder Sarah Fahey Alana Jones this might be the only one of his posts I agree with!

  262. Sarah Fahey

    I disagree, its just sport and its just one year in many. Don’t go to the wedding if you care more about a football game U0001f601

  263. Sean Lounder

    As long as it’s not Wrestlemania day it’s fine.

  264. Alohaviola1

    SpaceGhost72 TitusOReily My bro in law did, and a morning wedding all to get it cheaper.

  265. SpaceGhost72

    Alohaviola1 Haha! I bet the reception was everyone watching the footy, eating pies & hot dogs & drinks were cans of beer! 🙂 TitusOReily

  266. Alohaviola1

    SpaceGhost72 TitusOReily Not quite. Traditional. Uncle snuck out into the kitchen to listen.

  267. Josh Jeal

    Probably should’ve read the story first before tagging you, sorry mate

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