Patrick Dangerfield keen to know what Patrick Dangerfield is doing

Adelaide Crows superstar Patrick Dangerfield says he is as keen to know where he will be playing next year as everyone else.

“It’s a question I keep asking myself. I read and listen to every story in the media just trying to get some clue,” said the in demand midfielder.

“Last week, I spent a whole day on the Big Footy and the SA Footy forums just seeing if I could get an inside word but I suspect no one on there really knows, despite saying they do.

“Still, there’s a lot of great theories on there and it’s definitely helped shape my thinking.”

Dangerfield’s manager Paul Connors says it very hard to pick between Adelaide and Geelong.

“Geelong is great because it’s near the surf coast. That’s probably it’s big selling feature, being near somewhere else.”

“Adelaide’s good too, with the Central Market and ah… oh Amalfi does a really good pizza.”

Dangerfield says he hopes people keep writing articles and talking about his future on TV and radio.

“It’s a nice distraction from playing football and if people keep speculating enough I’m sure at least one of them will be right.”

“People need to understand how tough it is to choose between Adelaide and Geelong. I guess I’m just the luckiest guy in the world, who wouldn’t want to live in either of those places?”

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  1. Snert Underpant

    I have it on good authority that when Patrick knows, he’ll be the first one he tells.

  2. Booney

    Don’t go to SA Footy for anything Patrick related….

  3. Claire Adams

    Ha ha I’d love him to stay but totally understand if he wants to go home, I’ll be pissed if he goes anywhere else though like Tippet!

  4. Duran Lauros

    I’m a hawks supporter *gets the flak vest* but I hope he stays in adelaide. The fans will love him forever. If robert flower moved clubs, would anyone know who he is?

  5. Robert Mill

    I think Patrick is kidding himself if he goes to any other club, the love and respect towards the AFC is so evident it would really surprise me if he left. Patrick has given everything he has to the the AFC and as a supporter I would love to see more. If Patrick left now, everything he has done and everything has achieved would mean very little to myself if he wore another jumper. I am his biggest fan and admirer and that is saying something because he has so many people who love the way he plays. Champion. If he stays with us I know his future is assured as you only need ot look at how our club supports it players through life to realise how lucky he is and will be.

  6. Benjamin J Smith

    Nic Wilkinson Kane Smith Adam Curran Michael Neilly

  7. BobScherini

    I’m from Perth but I can certainly confirm that Amalfi does a bloody great Pizza.

  8. Geoff Schaefer

    My spies tell me Patrick has already made his decision but won’t tell himself until the end of the season.

  9. nick2121

    I definitely know where he is going. I am not telling, he can find out after the season, it will distract him too much if I tell.

  10. nick2121

    yea, a lot of people go there. I went shopping in Glenferrie road once, but I think it was the Malvern end. My aunt had a book store in Riversdale Road, so I am pretty sure I have been there at some stage.

  11. misanthropicfcuk

    They could really use a good, hard at the ball, goal kicking midfielder. They should probably get Josh Kennedy and Alex Rance too, it’s only fair.

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