NRL to get tough on inappropriate player-canine interactions

ARLC Chairman John Grant said the NRL would ‘get tough’ and ‘draw a line in the sand’ against NRL players interfering with dogs.

“I can’t really believe we’re having to do this again. Well, that’s not completely true but still,” Mr Grant said.

“You can pat a dog or even give it a hug but that’s it. Is this hard? Am I missing something?

“It’s times like this I wish we had a CEO like a professional organisation does.”

The NRL Commission is also set to appoint a RSPCA inspector to their Integrity Unit to manage these types of cases.

“Once is bad but twice is starting to look careless,” said NRL Head of Football Todd Greenberg.

“Interfering with any sort of animal, especially man’s best friend is not what our brand is about. Well, not what we want it to be about going forward.

“There are hundreds of Rugby League players who have probably never behaved inappropriately towards a dog. We should remember that.”

The NRL said they hoped the dog aspect would overshadow the alleged sexual assault on a woman at the party, saying their record on that was way worse.

“People seem to get more upset about the dog weirdly.”


  1. ColMcTweet

    TitusOReily Given there were no chopsticks involved, I think a small fine and no suspension would be appropriate.

  2. smatt1616

    TitusOReily nice work mate…small typo “NRL said they”.. U0001f44d

  3. joedavola76

    TitusOReily this has put Rd10 “canine appreciation round”in doubt.Although after way he treated the ladies,he’ll be face of Women in league

  4. stewiemack

    TitusOReily taking the spotlight off Allan Border medal

  5. TerenceBright

    TitusOReily Inspector Rex has been appointed to head a investigation team,

  6. blue_boys5

    TitusOReily breaking news , Mitchell Pearce to be named next bombers top up player

  7. Scot Kevin

    That last paragraph actually blurs the line between satire and truth…come on Titus don’t drop the ball now

  8. roguebogan

    This is all just rumours. Lets wait till the NRL talk to the dog to get it’s side of what actually happened.

  9. Andrew Miksad

    Outcry is greater with dogs than women……ouch

  10. Frank Matera

    Martin Hardie is currently trying to find holes in the RSPCAs laws.

  11. Johnno31

    It is still actually on YouTube- the guy is a total jerk. But it is League so why the fuss?

  12. grahamwkidd

    TitusOReily Can’t wait for The Chaser’s take on this.

  13. MorrisMark5

    TitusOReily dogs not going to press charges. Works at Channel 9. #conflictofinterest

  14. george barry

    Yes wait for the bitches story
    Never call a dog a bitch unless you have heard her side of the story….

  15. TyEsler

    TitusOReily explains why ‘knows nothing about NRL’ is key criteria for new NRL chief executive

  16. Euan McDonald-Madden

    Looks like his rumoured trade to the canterbury bulldogs has been vetoed by the mascot

  17. Jordan Hounsfield

    About time they crack down on things like this

  18. Jeff Bacon

    Mick Bish oh no!!!! Too bad we work together tomorrow buddy, we got 8 hours to discuss this beauty

  19. Michael Charlton

    How many dog years will pearce get banned for?

  20. Geoff Schaefer

    The NRL are like Hawthorn. You can’t beat them in a good scandal. You think you’ve got them covered but there is really no limit to what a pissed rugby player can do. They have no limits…

  21. John Tomazos

    Having simulated sex with a dog seems to be accepted in this country.theres been more outrage at kyrios swearing at umpires then the outrage directed at this nrl player

  22. Mick Bish

    Thats ridiculous!! Grant Turnbull and Shannon Leigh is on to!! Im in so much trouble tomorrow..

  23. Jeff Bacon

    Can’t wait! I have a 30 minute power point presentation that I want to do too…. Very informative…. Oh and don’t forget the boss is in tomorrow as well

  24. Mick Bish

    I have a headache jeff. Can you mark me sick tomorrow?

  25. Craig Murchie

    Mate..what can you say except what a f@kn idiot !!!

  26. ajsenyard

    TitusOReily meanwhile the AFL staying soft on threatening uses of eating implements and domestic violence

  27. sparkesy43

    TitusOReily I didn’t realise the dog was underage

  28. keithjason70

    TitusOReily cant a bloke root a dog and piss on a couch anymore??

  29. Just_PeterSmith

    TitusOReily NRL & RSPCA sign historic agreement players won’t f**k with dogs as long as dogs won’t f**k with them, unless by mutual consent

  30. joffaboy66

    TitusOReily are the Canterbury Bulldogs in trouble then?

  31. Steve Probst

    Typical league fan, starts it then cracks the sads

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