North fans disappointed everyone’s prediction correct

North Melbourne fans say they’re disappointed everyone’s prediction that they couldn’t beat top sides has proven correct.

After starting the season with nine wins, the Kangaroos have since lost to Sydney, Geelong, Hawthorn and Adelaide.

“When we were winning our first nine games, everyone was saying things like ‘you’re downhill skiers’ or ‘who have you played?’” said Sara Murphy, a passionate Kangaroos fan.

“I don’t just mean the occasional person either, I mean everyone. Even the foreign exchange student student staying with us said ‘Brad Scott couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag.’ It’s the only thing I’ve ever heard her say in English.”

Kevin Nelson said it was the inevitability of it that hurt the most.

“Oh and the losing. The losing hurts too but not as much as the fact that Colin in accounts was right.”

“He brings it up all the time. I’d complain to our supervisor Karen but she predicted it too and she actually bought a mug that says ‘I told you so’ just to taunt me at tea break.”

Kevin said he wished life was as predictable as North.

“What eats at my soul at night is that I predicted it too.”

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