Nathan Buckley grills Jeremy Howe over Frisbeegate

Following conflicting reports about how new recruit Jeremy Howe broke his finger, Director of Football Neil Balme and Senior Coach Nathan Buckley pulled him in for a chat.

Nathan Buckley: Sit down Howie.

Neil Balme: Yeah sit down before we make you sit down you little punk!

Buckley: Neil, what are you doing?

Balme: I thought we were doing good cop/bad cop.

Buckley: Why? And why would I be the good cop?

Balme: I just think I’d be a better bad cop.

Buckley: Only if by ‘bad cop’ you mean a cop that’s really bad at policing.

Jeremy Howe: Do you guys want me to come back…?

Buckley: Jeremy, yesterday you sat in that chair and told us you broke your finger in some sort of Frisbee accident involving a dog. I believed you because when you first mentioned the dog I thought I had a Mitchell Pearce incident on my hands. Today we hear you did it playing a Twenty20 game.

Howe: I told you the truth.

Balme: You’re not at Melbourne anymore Howie, people recognise Collingwood players. We’ve got witnesses saying you dropped a catch in the outfield at Vermont Reserve and that caused you to break your finger.

Howe: I did play cricket but that’s not how I broke it. It was the Frisbee, I swear.

Buckley: How does a grown adult break a finger playing Frisbee? Did the dog throw it too hard?

Howe: You’ve got to believe me Mr Buckley, you’ve got to. Ask the dog! He saw everything.

Buckley: Oh don’t think we won’t, Eddie’s interviewing the dog on radio tomorrow.

Balme: Seriously. Frisbee accident. Do you think Ted Whitten and Jack Dyer ever played Frisbee? Let alone got injured by one?

Buckley: Let’s say we believe you, what are you doing bowling medium pace while dealing with foot stress fractures anyway?

 Howe: I’ve always done it. I had to do something to keep me fit while playing for Melbourne.

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  1. GBO26

    TitusOReily some people will do anything to get out of going to Ararat

  2. bw_youngy

    TitusOReily no no no. you have to hashtag #FrisbeeGate or no one will take you seriously

  3. Bonjour_Pippy

    TitusOReily This is a screen play, great stuff.

  4. RayCapo79

    TitusOReily nice to see the footy taking pride of place on the list of importance.

  5. therealwogboy

    TitusOReily magpie_fans imagine if Mitchell Pierce broke his finger while playing with his dog what would have been more controversial????

  6. Horrie Chunter. Real bloke.

    I’m struggling to get my head around the fact that breaking your finger playing cricket is unacceptable, but doing it playing frisbee is. Have I missed a meeting?

  7. Tim Graham

    Playing frisbee doesn’t cause many injuries, cricket does

  8. Ashley Michael Crooks

    But the club said they are free to play other sports.

  9. TGrogan25

    TitusOReily Vermont Reserve has been re-named “THE FRISBEE”

  10. TommyGreenaway

    TitusOReily Here’s why I believe Jeremy Howe- Why, with so many options to pick from, would you go with a frisbee as the lie? #frisbeegate

  11. TitusOReily

    TommyGreenaway It’s a good point but perhaps that’s what he wants you to think.

  12. TommyGreenaway

    TitusOReily Are you suggesting Balmey and Bucks were on the grassy knoll?

  13. TitusOReily

    TommyGreenaway There was definitely a second frisbee thrower.

  14. TommyGreenaway

    TitusOReily Back-and-to-the-left. Collingwood illuminati strike again.

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