Mick Malthouse threatens to coach Adelaide

Wednesday saw panic break out amongst AFL fans with Mick Malthouse threatening to coach once again.

The announcement came after Kevin Bartlett suggested Malthouse would be the perfect fit for Adelaide.

“I’ve got a passion to coach again,” said Malthouse in response.

The AFL said if Malthouse did go to the Crows, they would instantly give them seven Friday night games.

Adelaide fans have reacted badly to the news.

“Why is this even being reported?” said Crows member Janice Denning.

“We don’t want to be the next Carlton. Even Carlton don’t want to be Carlton.

“Thanks for nothing Kevin.”

Malthouse said while it was premature, he believes he could attract big names to Adelaide.

“I’m pretty confident I could get Daisy Thomas to come across to replace Dangerfield if he leaves.”

Repeated attempts to get a comment from the Adelaide Football Club were met with hysterical laughter.

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  1. Gavin Branford

    Lucky you fella’s found a good coach Troy Bennie, or he would be a good fit for Saints????

  2. Rory Oldman

    Bloody hell ! What’s Adelaide ever done to him ?

  3. Troy Bennie

    Nah wouldn’t have him Gavin he’s had his time! Coach Richardson going great and we’ll touch up that power mob Sunday! Go u sainter…..

  4. Gavin Branford

    Should be a good game Sunday.
    I think we’ll get you this time, but…..

  5. Yova Novic

    He takes his threats seriously U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  6. Troy Bennie

    Rain and 13 degrees on Sunday just what we like! Got my retro VFL guernsey from the club last week,game on Gavin Branford. Me gonna get messy on sunday

  7. Justin Thomas

    Please come back. I miss your press conferences mick.

  8. Roi Apostolopoulos

    Its another 1 of ur sick jokes Titus,isn’t it ?

  9. Aaron T Williams

    I said the same thing to mate of mine. Surely Mick is past it now

  10. Ryan Johnston

    Let him coach there I say, he can ruin them as well

  11. Nathan McGrath

    Please let it happen!
    Mick is great and would be a fantastic 2ic if he could allow himself to be, but he’d be a disaster as head coach again.

  12. lytman1

    TitusOReily that would give new meaning to the term “Stone the Crows” – we’d literally be lining up to stone them

  13. Geoff Schaefer

    And I’ve got a passion to spend a week on a tropical island with a dozen young women. But it’s not going to happen…

  14. Nick Charlesworth

    Penelope Charlesworth Lexio Linguini George Charlesworth

  15. Michael Rankin

    I am sure carlton will be happy to trade him for a bag of chips.

  16. Timothy Alexander Black

    Malthouse to Adelaide & taking Daisy with him! We can only hope Anton Kolliner.

  17. sitruk_

    bourkie101 TitusOReily I favourited that this morning! Absolute gold

  18. sitruk_

    bourkie101 TitusOReily also heard a rumour that James Hird was in the running for the carlton job.

  19. Gavin Branford

    Dont worry about 13 degrees Troy, we will bring the heat.
    It will be a good game though, either way.
    Saints making good progress

  20. Brendan Cahill

    Sam Skinner Shane Maginness “Even Carlton don’t want to be Carlton.” Lols, Classic

  21. John Rowe

    I think you’re all being cruel.. I really liked what he did to Carlton…

  22. zobes1

    TitusOReily I believe KB has also recommended we reintroduce the diamond to replace the centre square#lateral-thinker?#oldman

  23. bgmn5

    TitusOReily haven’t the players suffered enough this season?

  24. AndrewDeakin

    Adelaide should sign Goodes asap to do a war dance outside MM’s house.

  25. dylweet

    TitusOReily and sign dale Thomas on a 2 million a year contract

  26. Michael McGeary

    Why? He hasn’t successfully completed blues job yet! Still a glimmer of hope.

  27. David Heintze

    That would only inflame the current “booing” debate……

  28. Paul Schultz

    Ha, yeah heard this yesterday Libba, dont reckon hes a chance but you never know.

  29. Francis Valente

    They’ll be coming round the boundary when they come

  30. muzza54

    TitusOReily yep daisy would do for Adelaide exactly what he did for carrrrlton. #FA

  31. NeilRemeeus

    TitusOReily Piggy356 some people just don’t seem to know when everyone has had enough of them

  32. Penny Beitzel

    That’s one way to get Eddie Betts back to Carlton.

  33. Billious

    Please let it be just a furphy.  When Malthouse took over at Carlton I switched my allegience  back to Adelaide believing he would destroy the blues.  Now he wants to destroy Adelaide or even worse I might have to go back to supporting Carlton at such a high point in their history.  If there is a God let him please be a crow and message Malthouse that there is no better place to be than in Melbourne or at least not in Adelaide.

  34. Billious

    Oh no its official Mick has struck a deal with Crows to coach them next year.  He is taking a colleague of his as his assistant as part of the package.  Insiders say Tyrannosaurus will be his senior assistant coach and they are still working on the renaming rights of Adelaide Oval to change to Jurassic Park to ensure Mick has a homely venue.

  35. Billious

    Can just imagine the man they call Roo and the one they prefer to call Hooroo trying to live in a city of only a million people Adelaide just isn’t big enough for them both.  With 45 pubs and the owner of a couple of Adelaide suburbs Roo isn’t going far so Mick would be better to focus on applying as the next coach of Fitzroy he would understand their game plan better than Carltons even.

  36. Kerry Ahern

    OMG, I’m thinking that I might start going to basketball, give footy a miss

  37. Alicia Kelly

    We don’t want to be the next Carlton. Even Carlton don’t want to be Carlton hahahahaha

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