Melbourne fans celebrate regular season win like a premiership

Demons fans have spent the weekend celebrating a regular season game victory like it’s a Premiership.

Sebastian Clement-Jones said he hadn’t been home yet and neither had his old school chums.

“It’s been massive. Haven’t slept, haven’t washed but I don’t care. The tattoo hurts something fierce though.”

“How do people get these things all over their arms?”

Felicity Horton said the mood in the Frank Grey Smith bar after the win was right up there with the Melbourne Uni Commerce Ball.

“It’s all been worth it. All the heartache since 1964. I mean, I was only born in 1992 but you know.”

“When will the Mark Knight poster be in the paper?”

Geoffrey Edmonstone said he’d already watched the replay eleven times.

“I tell you what, the old cellar got a bit of a hammering over the weekend. Really got into the French stuff.”

“You can have all the money in the world but it doesn’t bring you happiness like this. Trust me, I’ve got almost all the money in the world.”

Mr Edmonstone’s butler said he didn’t have the heart to point out it wasn’t a Grand Final.

“It would kill him if I did. No really, he’s pretty inbred.”

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  1. Marcus111

    funny stuff…..couldnt squeeze a Mt Buller gag in amongst that gold…?

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