Titus O’Reily Live on stage

So I’m finally leaving the house to deliver my thoughts on life, love and footy. Well, footy mostly. As a subscriber I’m telling you first and giving you the chance to buy tickets ahead of everyone else. It’s my way of saying thanks for the support.

The show was written to help pay off mounting legal debts and work through some long standing personal issues. I’ll look back at the season that was and the finals to come.

Joining me on stage is my podcast co-host Sergio Paradise, and we’ll dissect what it means to be a footy fan in the era of ‘leadership groups’, ‘handball receives’ and ‘David Koch’.

Critics have described the show as ‘funnier than Richmond’s season’, ‘more inaccurate than Travis Cloke’ and ’certainly not WADA compliant’. I’d love to see you there.

Ticket and details available here

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