Live ladder now mandated by legislation

The Australian Government has mandated the AFL ‘Live Ladder’ must now be displayed on every television channels at all times.

Legislation passed the Senate late last night in a unanimous vote.

Minister for Sport Sussan Ley said it’s essential all Australian’s know the exact standings in the AFL at all times.

“Channel Seven have done a great job of showing the live ladder even when nothing is going on but it’s not enough.”

“From today, the live ladder will be on display on every single channel no matter what they are showing.

“There will be no reason for anyone to not know exactly where their team is on the ladder at all times.”

Footy fans have hailed the decision as the best thing to come out of Canberra, well actually the only good thing.

“I’m so glad I am constantly reminded of how badly the Lions are going at all times. Thanks a lot lousy government,” said Brisbane fan Vanessa Durkin.

Some non-football fans say having the live ladder blocking out a quarter of the screen all the time was incredibly annoying.

“It’s ruined my enjoyment of the Bold and the Beautiful,” said Gerry Bates of Adelaide.

“What do I care about these teams and their games when Ridge has kept the paternity of Caroline and Thomas’s baby a secret and tried to pass it off as his own?”

Minister Ley said not enjoying sport was un-Australian and people complaining about the live ladder would be deported.

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