TV watcher accidentally discovers The Footy Show still on

A man flicking channels late at night has made the startling discovery that Channel Nine’s Footy Show is still on air.

The once popular show was previously believed to have finished in the late 90s or early 2000s.

Jeremy Ellis, a 47 year-old shop fitter, said he was struggling to find something to watch on Thursday night and he was shocked to make the discovery.

“I accidentally flicked onto Channel Nine and there it was,” said Ellis.

“For a few moments I thought I had somehow gone back in time to the 90s. The jokes were from that era and Sam looked a similar age but in a disconcerting way.

“It was then I realised there was no Trevor and no Eddie and this was actually still on. It was like stumbling across a lost island of dinosaurs but not as funny.”

Other football fans have reacted with disbelief to the revelation, with some questioning if Ellis had been drinking.

“It just doesn’t make any sense at all,” said footy fan Barbara Restreppo.

“The show was past it ten years ago, how could it possibly still be on?”

Channel Nine have since confirmed the show is indeed still on and is now hosted by Garry Lyon and James Brayshaw.

“We’ll that explains why no one knew about it,” said Ms Restreppo.

“Seriously, Garry Lyon? Didn’t he already ruin the Melbourne Football Club?”

Channel Nine said it was disappointed that many footy fans were unaware the show was still on but said they were pleased that ‘up to dozens of people are still watching it and one or two enjoy it.’

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This post originally appeared in Inside Football.


  1. David Victor Madden

    This is one of those, it could always be worse moments. The NRL is still showing their footy show.

  2. Phill Tee

    They should rename it to ‘The Show About Nothing’ which isn’t as funny as Seinfeld. Do these guys even talk about Football anymore?

  3. Snert Underpant

    The bloke second from the right looks like he’s wearing a Sam Newman mask made when Sam was in his twenties. And Brayshaw’s head has clearly been superimposed on someone else’s body. And Billy’s the size of a small rowboat these days. Methinks this is photoshop at work.

  4. Michael Flaherty

    Small rowboat? More like the size of the QE2.

  5. Rebecca Nicholson

    Cannot Sam Newman. Watch Marngrook instead.

  6. Ethan Morgan

    Absolute trash of a show. Give me any of the Fox Footy shows over this garbage.

  7. Paul Drenen

    Hate to say it but this show started to go down hill once Eddie left.

  8. Sally Cerquarelli

    Was funny way back when it wasn’t scripted

  9. Noni Primrose

    Wicked. Given it the flick I’m over the attitudes of some of them.

  10. Michael Towers

    I held on for so long. It is awful. Finally gave up this year.

  11. Daryl Swanky Westley

    I moved to America so accidents like this wouldn’t happen to me

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