Kitty Chiller sets new world record for media conferences in a day

Chef de Mission to the Australian Olympic Team Kitty Chiller, has set a new world record for media conferences held in a single day.

In her seventeenth media conference on Monday, Chiller said she was proud to break the record, which she herself had set the day before.

Impressively, her seventeenth media conference was held at 3:04am local time.

“Look, I’m thrilled with the record but these Olympics aren’t about Kitty Chiller and Kitty Chiller knows that,” she said.

“To get up in front of you all and talk about Kitty Chiller all day, to make Kitty Chiller the story, that’s just not something Kitty Chiller would do.”

Ms Chiller, who woke journalists to hold the two-hour media conference, said she would be happy to do one-on-one interviews straight afterwards to impress upon people how much this was not about her.

“The Chef de Mission role is not a platform to build one’s own profile, it’s about doing what’s best for the athletes and I’ll be discussing that at both my 6:00am and 6:30am briefings.”

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