Jarryd Hayne eats sandwich

Former NRL star and NFL player Jarryd Hayne is believed to have consumed a sandwich today as part of a meal, most probably lunch.

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Experts say it’s the clearest sign yet that Hayne will be playing NFL again next year.

“Every NFL player consumes food and this just shows Jarryd is continuing with the training habits he learnt at the 49ers,” said San Fransisco Chronicle reporter Chad Chase.

“Former Niners legend Jerry Rice often ate sandwiches and it’s something he and Jarryd share in common.”

Onlookers said the 49er consumed the sandwich through multiple ‘bites’ and used his tongue and teeth to chew the sandwich until it could be successfully swallowed. It’s believed he only fumbled the sandwich once.

“It was possibly a ham sandwich or maybe pastrami,” said Janet Smorsen, who was eating in the restaurant at the time.

“There was certainly mayonnaise involved, of this I’m sure.

“It was definitely on whole grain bread which makes me think he’s finally learnt the blocking schemes you need to play in an NFL offence.”

It’s believed Hayne also consumed some sort of ‘beverage’ as part the of his meal and paid using ‘money’.

Australian NFL expert Jeff Kellerman said in all his weeks of following NFL, this was the surest sign Hayne would make it in the NFL.

“This is just further proof Jarryd is one step closer to being the NFL MVP.”

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  1. Matthew Alan

    Fox Sport will be all over this breaking news soon

  2. Dan Blackwell

    Patrick Beilby Taylor Hunt This headlines sums up how I feel about FOX Sports Australia’s coverage of Jarryd Hayne

  3. Arj Giese

    Typical of your shoddy journalism Titus O’Reily – the public wants to know what was in that sandwich?? Was it gluten free bread?

  4. Alexander Supertramp

    7mate just announced moving of weekend playoff telecasts for full replays and Haynes weekend adventures. U0001f621

  5. Liam Johnson

    Drew Parker. The article we’ve all been waiting for

  6. Geoff Schaefer

    Was it a plane sandwich consumed on the flight or a plain sandwich consumed on the ground? Give us the real facts man!

  7. Kieran Francis

    Brendan Bradford Jack McAnespie
    We really should have done more Hayne satire!

  8. Joss Murphy

    He studied the patterns of the grains and seeds to get a better understanding of the bread game

  9. Matthew Adlard

    He kept fumbling the sandwich and was forced to sit down to watch others eat sandwiches to learn the correct technique…

  10. Damien Fuller

    Has it been 100% confirmed a sandwich? I don’t want to read this and then find out later it was really on a roll

  11. Grant Pilling

    Failed to mention there was 53 sandwiches available and he was only in contention for the last one. All the good sandwiches were snapped up by other 49ers players.

  12. Snert Underpant

    Will this lunch be on YouTube or do we have to pay to see it on Foxtel?

  13. Tony TC

    Did he drop it? Was there a TOUCH, DOWN on the ground?

  14. Wayne Stone

    exclusive? nice work on getting the scoop….Fox sports must be napping….

  15. Aaron Grogs

    hes dominated the burger game so he should be able to transition well to a sandwich league overseas

  16. Brendan Brentwood

    Did you read the article he only fumbled once! Great form!

  17. Andrew Power

    I want to know what he said to the waitress/waiter who bought the alleged sandwich to him. I hope he didn’t compliment them, that’s playing with fire.

  18. Horrie Chunter. Real bloke.

    In my day a man didn’t eat a sandwich. He ate a small pig then a loaf of bread. No wonder he couldn’t make the grade in a mans game.

  19. Adam Cornell

    Where is the picture of this sandwich? #speculating

  20. Brian Pepper

    I heard he fumbled it on the ABC. They said he was going back on kitchen duties for more practice.

  21. Brendan Bradford

    Damn, definitely beats my ‘Hayne likes apples’ scoop.

  22. Stewart Speedie

    So much better when we stick to satire rather than editorials….

  23. Andy Urquhart

    Does he know who the sandwich was named after? Lord

  24. Ben Cardwell

    It’s believed the sandwich was told to “don’t blush, baby”

  25. Taylor Harvey

    The difference between Hayne and the sandwich? The sandwich hasnt been dropped

  26. Gavin Gleeson

    Is he going to stick with eating sandwiches or going back to eating bread rolls?

  27. TG Mills

    yep, would rather read about the sandwich than a practioce squad player

  28. Samuel George

    and I say that with love, you guys are great at this stuff. although Kieran I will have to check for brain damage given it’s been 3 full moons since Utd scored a goal

  29. TG Mills

    not confident he’d get an elite pastrami sandwich with double pickle

  30. Edna Merkle

    Well I hope he waits at least an hour before he goes for a swim after lunch. Cramps you know..

  31. Rod Freame

    After eating the Sandwich he will be dropped to the practice squad to learn how to eat Sandwiches properly.

  32. John Love

    I don’t know Jason, but thought you should let him know

  33. Brett O'Neil

    I’m not sure we’ll cope with all the hype when he actually starts playing regularly

  34. Oscar Pellizzon

    Amanda Doyle. Are u following this diet of champions

  35. Kim Thompson

    Dont let fox sports australia see this or there could be copyright issues.

  36. Tobias Schmidt

    Jarryd Hayne drinks a coffee… Jarryd Hayne takes a dump

  37. Brendan Harwood

    Read the article Arj. Or look on Fox Sport’s page.

  38. Arj Giese

    Brendan umm.. I shouldn’t really need to explain that it’s sarcasm should I :/

  39. Rhys Livermore

    Eating a sandwich. What a sexist!! Does he not know the message that sends?!

  40. Joshua McMullen

    Lachlan Munro
    Ahhh just realised have already liked this!

  41. Ben Prentice

    Ridiculous the amount of coverage he’s got mate. Overkill

  42. Damien Hyatt

    Simon Jimma Phil another interesting Hayne article.

  43. Ben Fraser

    What a hero. I hope we get more updates like these.

  44. Damian Crowe

    Do you think the sanger was called “The Jarryd Hayne Plane/Plain Sandwich”?

  45. Kelly Higgins Devine

    This is mostly speculation Titus, and quite frankly beneath you. Until we know what sort of bread Jarryd used (white, multigrain, rye, panini), if he had butter, margarine or used a condiment as a spread, the type of meat in the sandwich – chicken and ham are staples of course but a choice of pastrami or corned beef could indicate a hesitant stance – we know very little. And if he had it cut in quarters instead of halves – he’s not coming home.

  46. Mr Wisdoms Whopper

    What about the crust? Did he leave any of that?

  47. Craig Anderson

    That’s hilarious man. That pretty much sums up how the Australian media has handled it.

  48. Charlie Cook

    Literally was about to tag all you idiots in this. Well done Kieran Kieran Francis.

  49. JohnBiddle

    Nice one.  Mind you, from the perspective of a non-AFL-following person, substitute an AFL player’s name for Hayne’s and this is pretty much the Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth media.

  50. dgneth

    I am of the understanding that he may have been sitting in a “chair” – is it possible to confirm?

  51. Luke Gilbert

    This is as comical as the uproar surrounding some Rastafarian bloke trying to root Mel McDick…

  52. Edna Merkle

    You’re a sad boy Justin Martinez. My son had a greyhound like you. Skinny, hairless and with no personality.

  53. Corey Wickert

    It’s wonderful thinking that a young Fijian in a gold medal fancied team will be dumped to accomodate Hayne’s lifelong (4 month) Olympic “dream”..

  54. Brad Lodding

    Foloau, Hunt and now Hayne the NRL is certainly a breading ground for cross over sports stars….to Rugby!

  55. John Dawson

    Hayne retiring from NFL is a bit like Stephen Hawking retiring from International Basketball…

  56. Brett Naylor

    He had an NFL career ? Well you learn something new every day

  57. Rod Freame

    Did he see a sandwich on his PS3 and think i might try that?

  58. Mathew Rodda

    Fox Sports News will now have to find another story to fill 5-10 minutes of every news bulletin during the NFL season.

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